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  1. file://localhost/Users/shawnrichards/Pictures/TC%20entire%204.JPG file://localhost/Users/shawnrichards/Pictures/TC%20front%201.JPG file://localhost/Users/shawnrichards/Pictures/TC%20back%202.JPG file://localhost/Users/shawnrichards/Pictures/TC%20bumper%203.JPG
  2. Our awesome little red car has been a victim of Indiana's awful winter and icy roads. The Passenger side front and back are damaged as is the front drivers side. For this reason we would like to sell the car to someone who can part it out or repair it. I am happy to provide photos. The car runs awesome, always starts, has new tires, interior is in good shape, soft top is well preserved too. We would love to have it repaired but body shops around us have no idea what to do with this car.
  3. Relays up and working, now looking for a front bumper, red if possible, including the chrome and black rubber molding.
  4. Thank you Bob. I looked at these parts but don't really understand where they go in our 1991. Our 1991 has switches only behind the driver. When we push the "top" switch nothing happens, however there is power at the switch. Originally when we removed the hard top the pull down pins let go of the pin, but then clicked back. When we put the hard top back on the pins sat up on the pull down, which was supposed to latch and pull down in the indent part of the pins. We never found the hole in the trunk to use the tire iron, but did locate the mechanism in the center of the boot storage area for the soft top. We removed the mechanical unit to check the wiring. The relays look burnt, we are now trying to locate those (4221653, 5353193). We can manually turn the bolt to release/catch the pins. This must be what should happen when the switch is pushed. I think what we need are the relays (which local Chrysler dealer cannot locate) or some way to work around the relays (replace the whole relay/motor set up) that moves the gears to create the lock pull down. Any additional info would be greatly appreciated.
  5. This new to us 1991 sat for a few years with a dead battery. We have been all through it, might need to replace the brake pads which we have found parts for, but can't seem to solve the problem of the pull down pins being pulled down. Switch gets power, we have removed the mechanical "backed arms" which we can operate mechanically with a wrench, but can't seem to find the problem between the very corroded relays and/or the motor. Have scrubbed up the relays and would love to replace them, however can't find parts number 4221653 or 5353193. Hate to drive around the hard top attached only at the front -- yikes!
  6. Anyone help me with the pull down mechanism for the soft/hard top? Switch has power, the mechanical parts don't move. Relays, motor? Any suggestions for parts finding? Thanks
  7. Any information on relays for the convertible top pull down assembly? Trying to see if the motor works, relays look awful but can't find replacements HELP?
  8. Just inherited a 1991 TC Convertible by Chrysler. Have a couple somewhat mechanical teenagers who are going to drive and take care of it. Right now the soft top does not operate (power to switch and relay), we can not seem to locate the motor for the top (if it is electrical ... seems it would be since there is a switch). In addition the hard top clamps (pull downs) don't operate to pull the hard to firmly in place along the back. Anyone have an resources for this auto? Thanks, Manx Woman