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  1. Nope, nothing in it for me but my time and effort. But who does that anymore? :-/
  2. For ONE: It's his GRANDDAUGHTER. But you know what assuming does. I suppose? Or maybe you don't know that one. Oh, and before you pass judgement on me for being a women (we've already determined you were ASSuming right?), I suggest you ask yourself if you would talk to the women in your life like that. Hmm. For TWO: This is no more about greed than trying to find HELP on where to start with a a clean, finished, ratrod-type car that he wishes he never wasted his valuable time on and doesn't particularly know what to do with. Or maybe I should just let a jerk like you take advantage of my poor, dear senile grandfather. For THREE: I don't care how many little cars you have under your name. You're still a jerk. For FOUR: I no longer need the help (THANK YOU Shop Rat, DavidAU and 58Mustang for being so gracious).
  3. I think there's some misconception. We are selling the car, not buying it. My grandfather is in his mid 80s. This was his last restore, besides his tinkering around with a Pierce Arrow. He does not use the computer and asked me for help selling it. I know what he will take for it, but I think he is undercutting himself because he just wants it out of the garage to make room for something else. Here in lies the problem.... I'm just trying to find help, based on photos, details, and my personal opinion, finding what you all think it's worth. Or pointing me in the correct direction of someone who can help. Opinions do matter, as it gives me some kind of idea. I will post the details and some pics when I get home for opinions. Thanks for the responses.
  4. According to the restorer, they are not Trippe lights. Same idea, cross country lights, different name tho. He had them laying around the shop and used them since this was his last full restore.
  5. 1970 Mustang Convertible, 302 V8. Kind of tricked grandpa into giving it to me... About 4yrs old, he used to let me sit in it when I hung out in the garage while he restored this or that. Not being serious, he told me that it was "my" car because the blue color matched my eyes. Several years later, I overheard him talking to a man at the movie theater about selling it to him. My mom remembers me running to her and crying that Papa was going to sell my car. Well, he couldn't sell the car and rest is history! Still have her, but she's garaged now. There were a lot of gawking faces that first day I brought her to school! A lot of wonderful, loud memories! Also noted that I drove all that horsepower through snow most of the year at 6000 feet!
  6. New to this forum... if this isn't the right area, apologies. I have the pleasure of finding a new home for family restored and owned 1938 Ford Coupe body off restore. Looking for help for an honest appraisal or even base starting point. I'm not new to classic or antique restores, ownership or sales, but this one is different. Many, many mods, new parts, rebuilt parts, etc. etc. The main problem is I am in the CA bay area and the car is in Lake County, near Clearlake, CA. If I can successfully get this done online or in person with a list of everything on, in, and around the car, great! If not, well, then I'll just go from there. Comment or PM for interest and I will add additional details. Have a nice night! :cool: