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  1. Looking for a good front bench seat for a coupe or convertible at a reasonable price. Also need the bottom rumble seat. hine62
  2. Thank you for the replies. Looks like we will be sending them out to be repaired. Is Kanter Auto an option? I haven't bought anything from them yet. hine62
  3. One wheel cylinder needs to be replaced on our 1937 De soto. It is the Right Rear cylinder. Are wheel cylinders wheel specific? Some listing say right front or left front, but what about the rear cylinders? hine62
  4. One of our spring seats gave out (the part that the spring sets into on the bottom a-frame). We are looking for the passenger side, but could use both sides. Does someone have one, or is there a replacement part we could use? Hine62
  5. @auburn: my research would confirm that south and west is the best place to look. It does make sense. @bob: there was a place close to Watertown NY years ago. I just can't remember were.
  6. We are gearing up for first project on a '37 de soto. Just wondering what kind of salvage yards are in and around new york state or the east coast. Hine62
  7. Here are the pics of the convertible top where it connects above the windshield. There is a piece of wood that goes across the top of the windshield and attaches to the top's frame. The above pic is where the top is fastened to the windshield frame. It's shaped like an "L" on the side. The little hole is where the wing nut screw goes when the top is up. There were only two, one on each side. This pic shows the wood going across. (What's left of it anyway.) We have both pieces of wood (front and back), but they need to be fabricated. Hope this helps. hine62 P.S. The visors are missing! I guess I'll be looking for them now too...
  8. Thanks for the info. I'll have some pics for you tomorrow. We have a 1938 Chrysler manual that may have info for you. I'll check on that tomorrow too.
  9. Does anyone have or know where a parts car in the range of 1936-1939 (Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth, or de Soto) could be found? May also be able to use a two door coupe. Here are the part/body pieces needed: 1. floor replacement 2. section from drivers side door post back to fender. Just lower section about 8 inches up. 3. Rear wheel well including where body frame meets 4. front bumper and brackets. This is our first project car, so we may also need some old car junk yards locations. We do need some other parts. Hine62
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