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  1. Thanks for the reply, but that is more than I want to spend.
  2. I am looking for a decent front bumper for a 1966 Buick Skylark. I am located in central PA
  3. I need a valve cover for a 1966 Buick 300 V8. The side that has the PCV valve hole.
  4. Got the pipe from Mobileparts. Great guy with quick shipping.
  5. Looking for an exhaust manifold (Dr side) for a 66 Skylark wit a 300 engine. I had mine welded, but it cracked again at the weld
  6. I am ok with aftermarket as long as it fits. Let me know what you have and price. Thanks
  7. I am looking for a Y pipe (part# 1375977) for my 66 Skylark convertible with a 300 engine
  8. I have a 66 Skylark Coupe with a 340 4 barrel that I am either going to sell as a parts car or I may part out. The car has been sitting for about 10 years and the engine is frozen. I filled the cylinders with Marvel Mystery Oil, so it may free up some time in the future. There is no title for the car, but I do have a bill of sale from the prior owner. The floors have rust through in spots, but can be patched...don't think it needs a whole floor. The trunk floor is pretty solid with some patches in the corners where they usually rust. The frame seems solid. There is rust on the cowl in front of the windshield. I plan to keep the pass side front fender and inner liner and the two small extension ends on the rear fenders. I want $900 for the car or will part it out if there is no interest. The car is located in PA.
  9. Yes, the 66 rear panel is specific to the 66 Special and Gran Sport only. The Skylark panel has several hole to mount a large trim plate. 67 fenders may work with some modification, but I would like to get the correct 66 ones. Buick Special fenders from a 66 will fit, but are missing the large hole for a fake side port.
  10. I am looking for a front pass side fender and trunk lid for a 66 Buick Skylark. Also need the rear center panel(the body section between the taillights) from a 66 Special or Gran Sport. I am located in PA
  11. I need a passenger side rear bumper end for my 64 Buick Wildcat.
  12. I need the cover which is on the right side of the engine block. It may be called the water jacket cover?? I do not have any part numbers.
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