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  1. IMO this thread is in the Humor & Interest section of the site. Gatherings both small and large are a big part of our hobby, so anything to do with them is on target as a subject. Providing information without personal attacks is what this forum is all about
  2. I'm really looking forward to Hershey 2021, I have my hotel booked. My one concern at this point is that a large majority of attendees are vaccinated so we all protect each other. IMO this is not a big ask and as I stated earlier it is not political, it is more moral.
  3. Actually this is not the flu, and for those of us over 65 the death rate has been higher than 1%. So far the death rate from blood clots for vaccinated has been around one in a million. Both my wife (Factor 5) and myself (SVD) have blood clotting conditions and yes we have had our Covid-19 vaccinations both for ourselves and for our community. This has nothing to do with politics, it is simply common sense and health decisions, some people make good ones others not so much. Bad decisions are not a badge of honour in most universes.
  4. I had the Gilmore and Auburn double play scheduled for last summer but Covid-19 closed the border. Unfortunately it does not look good for this summer either, so maybe late April or May 2022 depending on what the feature is on that weekend. For me the Gilmore is an easy four hour drive on I69 via Port Huron/Flint/Lansing then another 90 minutes or so down to Auburn..........great three day mini holiday. My last visit to the Gilmore was in June 2015 on the weekend of the CCCA mostly Packard meet. At the time I posted about 800 pics from my two day visit.
  5. This name is even better than Bob Loblaw. 🤣
  6. Since the border is closed, Americans are not able to come north for the joys of our winter sports season...............so we sent you a winter season sampler pack..............enjoy.😁🎿
  7. Looks like an original PONY car, however definitety not a Mustang.
  8. Is this an American thing? I have bought a new car every two or three years over the past thirty years and I have never had this type of call on my cell or land line. I guess the 'do not call' list works better in Canada.
  9. Greenie, Thanks for the heads-up, as a Sheraton (now Marriott) Lifetime Platinum member I sort of got accustom to getting the best room available on check-in. Since I'm also a member of this chain's loyalty program which will match elite members of other programs I expect they will honour my request. For a person who spent 75 - 120 nights (20 - 30 after retirement) per year in a hotel room it seems strange to have gone 10 months without a single stay. I'll buy you a coffee at breakfast in October.
  10. I'm looking forward to being able to travel again sometime in the future, especially having the US/Canada open. With this in mind late last week I booked a hotel for the Fall 2021 Hershey. I found a reasonably priced room ($62 per night) at a major chain only about seven miles from the swap meet location, which closer than I usually stay. The good thing is the room can be cancelled right up to arrival at no cost if something changes and I can't go. For years I've stayed at another hotel using points but since I retired and do not travel for work anymore I do not accumulate the points for
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