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  1. Would love to see more pics of the RM auction cars.
  2. I agree, IMO its likely below market value to be so close to the action if you have a medium size group. I have family members who rent a large cottage with a similar number of beds every summer, they pay over $700 per day ($5,000 for the week) and it is mid range for a higher end cottage in the Muskoka are of Ontario.
  3. It also has to remembered that the negative Covid test required to enter the US runs anywhere from $180 to $220 in Canada. Sad situation all around, I generally make at least fifteen trips per year into the US, not sure when I will be able to justify another trip over the border if I need to shell out the test fee each time.
  4. Steve is correct. https://www.reuters.com/world/uk/us-relax-travel-restrictions-passengers-uk-eu-november-source-2021-09-20/ BTW Canadians can fly to the US with proof of double vaccination and a recent negative Covid test, however for most of us that is not a practical solution for Hershey. I checked out Toronto - Harrisburg flights for fun, they were over $550 CDN.
  5. I'm fairly knowledgable about the border, the Canadian Border Service was one of my biggest customers during my working days. We sold them some very interesting technologies that keep a pretty good eye on what may appear to be unwatched areas. Just sayin...
  6. It looks like Hershey will be out for me and many of my Canadian friends this year, time to cancel my hotel reservation.☹️
  7. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the US land border from Canada will be open by then as I have my hotel reservations made already. Hopefully if the border does open the regulations are not to restrictive other than proof of being double vaxed.
  8. I had the Gilmore and Auburn double play scheduled for last summer but Covid-19 closed the border. Unfortunately it does not look good for this summer either, so maybe late April or May 2022 depending on what the feature is on that weekend. For me the Gilmore is an easy four hour drive on I69 via Port Huron/Flint/Lansing then another 90 minutes or so down to Auburn..........great three day mini holiday. My last visit to the Gilmore was in June 2015 on the weekend of the CCCA mostly Packard meet. At the time I posted about 800 pics from my two day visit.
  9. This name is even better than Bob Loblaw. 🤣
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