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  1. Hi all, Can anyone please tell me what the highest speed a 1922 Willys-Overland Model 4A can reach? Would it be somewhere around 60 MPH? Thanks for your help!
  2. Thanks again for your help everyone, Amanda
  3. Hi all, I believe this is a 1950 Chevy. I'm not sure if it is a Styleline or a Fleetline...maybe it is neither. I think it may be a Styleline Special. Does anyone know what it is? Also, what is the difference between the Styleline and Fleetline? Is it that the Fleetline has a sloping back? Thanks for your help, Amanda
  4. Thanks Dave. Both look pretty close indeed. Maybe the windshield seems a tad larger in the '49...
  5. Thanks very much, this is extremely useful. According to the serial number it was made in Janesville, in April of 1951 and is a 6400 series.
  6. Hi, Can anyone please tell me what year of make this ambulance from? I think it may be around 1956-1958. Thanks, Amanda
  7. Hello, Could someone please help me identify the model of this Diamond T? I believe it is from 1947. Thanks, Amanda
  8. Hi, Can anyone identify the date, or date range, for this vehicle? I believe it may be early 1950s. Would there be a model number for this type of Chevy? Does anyone know any general information about vintage tanker trucks? I.e., what is the purpose of the basin on the side of the tanker, nearish the hose? Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Amanda
  9. Hi Chuck, Yes, you are thinking ideally. Many times when museums are given a collection or objects the donor has not keep proper records. Also, in the past many museums were not too concerned with paperwork, unfortunately. Things have gotten better in the last couple decades though. The museum I am helping is just outside of Dubai. It is the Sharjah Classic Cars Museum, which is the first of its kind in the region. It is being redeveloped and I am helping them to write the interpretive text and labels. They have about 120 cars and a few motorcycles and bikes. The collection came from one man.
  10. Hi, sorry. I have been posting as PDF because I don't have the original image files/jpegs. I am helping a museum, and this is what they have sent me in order to avoid emailing large files. I'm not sure of how else I can include the images other than jpeg.? Amanda
  11. Thanks everyone for your help. Very interesting and useful info about the VIN #! Take care, Amanda
  12. Hi, I think this may be a 1959 or early 60s Plymouth C. S. Does anyone know the precise year it may have been made? Thanks for your help, Amanda 21-Plymouth M174100762.pdf
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