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  1. For Sale: Fiberglass body for Cobra reproduction car. This is a new body that has never been installed on a chassis. It has been in storage for many years. The body includes doors, hood and trunk. The manufacturer is Shell Valley from Nebraska. The price is $ 2900. and the body is located between Hershey and Carlisle, Pa. Please call me at 717-422-8324 for any additional information. Thank you, Dave
  2. Does anyone know the inner bore sizes of the brake wheel cylinders on a 1929 Plymouth coupe? Some of the replacement cylinders list 1 1/4" for the front and rear, but this seems too large to me. Thanks, Dave
  3. If not sold before, this Thunderbird will be in the car corral at Hershey.
  4. This is the perfect time of the year to purchase a classic convertible.
  5. If you are looking for a very clean collector car that you can take to shows or drive for your enjoyment, this beautiful Thunderbird may be for you. Frost Turquoise, White interior and top, 390 engine and Cruise-O-matic transmission. 83,500 Miles Call cell 717-422-8324 Mechanicsburg, Pa. for additional information. $ 25,500.
  6. AACA Senior award winner. Burgundy exterior with black interior. 390 S Code engine, C6 Automatic transmission, 62,000 Miles, Located in Mechanicsburg, Pa. $ 37,900. Beautiful Condition. Call 717-422-8324
  7. I am looking for a 56-57 Corvette. Anything from a project to a nice driver car. Call or text Dave at 717-422-8324 Mechanicsburg Pa.
  8. Someone said that it resembled a volkswagen or karmann ghia top. Does anyone have one to compare it to?
  9. Can anyone identify this convertible top. It appears to be for a 2 seat car. The header is wood. I could not open the top. The handles and latches should help to figure it out. Thanks Dave
  10. As mentioned earlier, the Kevlar lining is a great option. We had a Pierce relined this year and the engagement is very smooth. The lining was done by a gentleman from Delaware.
  11. There was a Gray at the fall Hershey show last year. It was a beautiful car and the owners were proudly wearing Gray Logo shirts. Dave Gray
  12. This is the best idea that I have heard so far. There is no reason that the two sides can not get together for the good of ALL of our members.
  13. Why not just call the Museum and verify the accuracy of their comments. Dave
  14. I have requested more detailed photos of the fenders. I hope to have them in several days. Thanks to all that have responded. Dave
  15. Thanks for the suggestion. I will forward this the a Dodge buddy. Dave
  16. Can anyone help Identifying these fenders? Merry Christmas Dave
  17. Surely one of these GRAY emblems would look good mounted on a plaque in my man cave. Dave Gray
  18. This is good news for Chevrolet owners wanting to track down the origin of their car. I just received the shipping Data report for my Corvette. It gives owners a good starting point for researching the history or their Chevrolet. Dave Gray
  19. Thank you for the photo and information, It confirms what I thought about the lettering. Dave Gray
  20. I appreciate the responses. My 38 has a flat tailgate and I have seen early pickups with Chevrolet on them, so I was not sure when they started. Any chance that someone has a photo of a 1838 tailgate? Regards, Dave Gray
  21. Are the tailgates on a 1/2 ton 1938 Chevy pickup plain flat steel or are they debossed the the name CHEVROLET on them? Thanks in advance for the help. Dave
  22. It is based on a Ford Zephyr with a fiberglass body. It can be seen at the AACA Museum during the Christmas Holidays. Dave
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