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  1. there is just too much rust for me to tackle going on beneath, i doubt i would get it all without cutting it all apart and making the car unsafe. this is the best option for this particular car. I am preserving the car, maybe not 100% but most people would not even take on this project, i just like the body style and need it to be safe to drive in and safe for the other people on the road. call it hotrodding if you want but I'm keeping a classic car on the road safely. i was hoping to get the parts into the right hands of someone that would like to have the original parts, thats why i am pos
  2. hey everyone, i have decided to put the aerolark on an s10 frame so i will no longer need the lighting-6 and trans. also everything else included of course (water pump, carb, driveshaft, 6 volt electronics, etc) i posted the ad on my local orlando craigslist but did not post a price, i have no idea what i should be asking for everything. it has not run in a while because of the wiring but it did run and you can spin the flywheel with your hands still. also if anyone has any info on how to actually do the s10 frame job i would appreciate all the info i can get to do the best job i can. i am
  3. i just got my 52 aero lark and may need some parts, i don't know if that is an option or not depending on if they have been purchased or maybe they would part it out thanks
  4. i just got my rusted up 52 and started to work on, the hood was stuck down so i chanced it, got it home and opened it up, the flywheel spins and its the lightning motor, not sure how the tranny is so i may be a buyer for your tranny, how much are you asking and where are you located? ill know soon if i need it or not, i may also be in the need for some other parts off the motor thanks
  5. Hi I'm new to th AAC and just created my account because i saw your post through google. I have a 52 aero lark and just wanted to see if anyone has offered parts that you don't want. Im looking for the drivers side door hinges and i am just getting into this project so I'm sure there is much more i will be needing. I do have an extra set of bumpers but they are in rough shape, a little bent out of shape and a decent amount of rust. I didn't know if you were looking for something in a better condition. thanks
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