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  1. Hi there Do you still have the 24 available?. I'm in Australia and would love to get it. How much are you asking?
  2. Be great to get a little advice. I've taken everything off - lock nut - split the chain, the strap etc. It is loose but won't come out. Is case under the lock nut something that screws off as well? Please help me. I'm still waiting for a manual.
  3. Hi everyone Finally worked out how to post a new thread. My dodge is a 1924 A106449 - I'm unsure about the magneto/distributor set up. I have been sold a magneto and read that the Ausie versions of the car had a magneto?/ Is this true? and wondering if the magneto is interchangable anyway. The firing order may be differenct. Could someone tell me the firing order of the engine and can I just organise the leads from the magneto to fire in the same order? Also wondering about the timing advance and retard for this vehicle. I seen some cars with manual advance and retard. How does the magneto one work? There seems to be lots of collective knowledge here so I'm hoping someone will take pitty on me. The car is ready to go as soon as I've organised the spark and timing. Apreciate any help. Shayne
  4. Hi there Can you help me with my timing issues. I can't work out if I should have a magneto or a distributor. (the car came without it) it is an australian model. A106449. How does the advance/retard work for the magneto system? Is the magneto system replacable with the distributor? What is the correct firing order? I think it is a 1924 dodge (has been made into a ute) Single system starter/generator . So many questions. Cheers Shayne
  5. Hi guys You seem to be answering question that I want to ask but can't seem to make a new thread. I have a 1924 dodge ( i think ) It's engine number is A106449 with the single system starter/generator. I'm not sure what to put on for the spark system - I have bought a magneto but was wondering if I should have got the distributor. Are they interchangable? The magneto fires 1 4 3 2 . Is this how the engine runs. All help is muchly appreciated. Shayne
  6. Hi there Thanks for replying. You feel it is a 1924 with that number. Is there any more info you can give me. I've just put in a magneto but am not sure it is a magneto engine. All youtube stuff I've seen is with the single system gen/start has a distributor, not a magneto. Could I still use the magneto? is it the same firing order? Appreciate any help. The manual I have has many different engines and I can't be sure which it is.
  7. Can any of you guys help me with how to set the timing for a 27 dodge (A106449) - It has the starter/generator in one thing and I've just put in the magneto it is connected to the shaft connected to the water pump. Is there a top dead centre mark. And do I need to worry about timing retarding and advancing with revving etc. I've asked you guys because you sound so clever, and have talked about a similar car. Cheers Shayne
  8. Wondering if you would mind talking to me about a 27 Dodge - A106449 Generator/starter motor in one. It has a magneto which I've just put in - but want to know about how to set the timing. Is there a top dead centre to go by? Thanks for any help
  9. Hi there - I'm posting here because you guys seem to be very knowledgable. I'm wondering if I can have some advice on 27 Dodge (Australian) Engine is in good nick. I've just put in the magneto but am wondering how to find top dead centre - is there a mark somewhere to ensure the spark happens at the right time? Additionally, I've heard people talk about retarding and advancing the spark timing? Do I need to worry about this with a magneto. It is 1927? Dodge A106449 - It has the starter motor generator combined thingy. (This is a 12 Volt system?) Thanks for any help. I don't want to attempt starting until I've talked to people who know these things in detail. Cheers Shayne