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  1. bumping up to see if anyone new would have any input. We still havent been able to uncover much yet.
  2. tire size and wheel size are 2 different things. they are all 15x6 wheels
  3. the 61-67 caddy wheels look like the on backwards even though they are on correctly. started in 61 and then went back to a regular gm looking wheel in 68. you can still put regular 5 inch gm wheels on just fine if you want too.
  4. they have always looked the same to me and they are always mixed up on just about all them old caddys (they have the year stamped in them) I wonder if the parts books just say they are different solely because they are 2 different generations of car.
  5. close but the belt line is different so its not that particular car.
  6. I think Charlie still has all the wood. I told Troy he should get it all back.
  7. sorry no we dont have the handles Troy was planning on having Charlie make a set but if you have the correct set hed buy them in a heartbeat! and thank you for your response!
  8. Hello everyone here. My good friend is in dire need of help and any and all information would be needed! The short version first is that he has a circa 29/30 Rollston towncar body #327 for a Duesenberg that is in the process of restoration and now that the wood work is all done we are stuck as we don't have any clear information on what chassis the body came off of! So he can't proceed with the restoration until we have concrete proof! Half the problem is, is that he's not a millionaire or billionaire so we don't have much for connections let alone people willing to talk to us and what not.
  9. alright you go out and buy all the same good parts this car still has for $73...................no? you can't? then shuddit.
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