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  1. have a set of brackets and a pair of very thin mounts. trying to figure what they are for.
  2. are these packard engine parts?
  3. you seem to be right! i'd never would of guessed the flat part sits vertically versus most sit horizontal.
  4. i have one complete set from a sedan(someone said they may be studebaker but i havent seen any car that would use ones that look like them) then i got a pair i think from a sedan and would probably be the front doors.then i got a single which i think a from a sedan as well and this one is gm for sure but dont know other than that.
  5. i have a set of 4 from a sedan and a single from a coupe. anyone know year and models?
  6. i have 2 sets of pierce arrow sill plates. and aluminum set of 4 from a sedan and a pair of beautiful chromed brass from a coupe. what would they be from?