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  1. on the 1930 model they are held on with t shaped steel brackets and the same on our1928 model 52 so the same should be on yours regards wally - the steel brackets are on the top and bottom
  2. yes mine are like yours and will email you in the new year as I am having trouble at the moment with my emails with Windows 8 - thanks Wally
  3. thank you for the information but the old ones on the 66 are thru the cowl - yes I have de-mountable rims so yours sound as if they would work - I am at the moment putting the running boards on so that is all done beforehand - will get back to you if I need to - regards Wally
  4. great photos of a lovely car well done
  5. have cleaned up the aluminium tags that were on the floor and one says - HOLDENS Body No 459 Model Chrysler 30CC Series Sedan Job No 8382 the other one says - SCOTCH GYHLA THORN BRHLB will try and take a photo of the fedco badge but not real good at it
  6. this is the car - the l/h front motorcycle tyre was full of concrete and the driveshaft was cut in half and motor was full of water (supposed to have been in a shed but reckon the roof was off the shed) - the gearbox also full of water (and it was a new gearbox) and that rendered it useless - no door post on the l/h side between front and back and the two front ones had been burnt where they tried to weld it and forgot there was wood behind - the diff was full grease to stop it from leaking out the seals and the whole of the car underneath was caked with red dirt and oil set solid (think it was from the outback of aus as there was a bullethole in the fuel tank cover) - on the brighter side it had a new radiator lol - I have done all the motor, drivetrain, springs, new fuel tank, replaced the soft centre top panel in roof and straightened all the mouldings on the side of the roof, running boards rebuilt and new windscreen and wooden moulding, back window and moulding and am still working on it - wally
  7. I have taken the Fedco plate off the dash of 1930 Chrysler 66 and am hoping I can find out the history of it - it has the letters either H O P H or H I P H or H l P H - it is in good condition and am just going to polish it and put it back when the dash is painted - I am in Australia and the body on this car is a Holden body and there are two metallic badges on the floor on the l/h side which I have taken off and put aside - inside the door the men had put their initials in black paint who had put the body together - cannot find any chassis numbers - hope this info helps - thanks in advance - Wally
  8. this is the Chrysler 66 (1930) which is now being restored - the l/h front tyre was off a motorbike and full of concrete and the driveshaft was cut in half and no door post on the l/h side - all been fixed now - coming on ok - now can post photos will put some on - wally
  9. can anyone help me with a diagram of the mount on the inside of the cowl panel to instal the side mount for the spare tyre - what I took off the car was some homemade steel mount which was not the original - can u buy one anywhere?? - thanks in advance - wally
  10. Gary - we also are in Australia at Grafton in the north of NSW and my husband would like to have a chat with you as he is doing the motor on our 66 also - when I saw your avatar photo was amazed as it looks like the car is the same as the one we bought - same colour as well - our email is wiscott@bigpond.com if u wish to contact us and we can perhaps give you a phone call - am hoping we may help each other - we have finished the Chrysler 52 (1928 model) which has been in the family since 1937 and now started on the 66 - regards Wally
  11. the avatar is a photo of our Chrysler 52 which he has just washed and finished after having a stroke 12 months ago - proud of him we are
  12. Thank you for the info - will pass it on to my husband who is Wally and is 82 and restoring this Chrysler 66 after finishing the family car which he has had in the family since 1937 - he does not use the computer but reads what is on here - he has pulled the motor down on our 1928 Chrysler 52 since he was 12 years old and it runs without a problem but was a bit dubious about this car which we bought in March and was advertised as a restorer's dream lol lol which has turned ut to be a nightmare lol - thanks for the information - Wally
  13. Can anyone please help me with the following: Torque settings for the crankshaft bearings Cylinder head torque setting Big End torque setting I have searched all the books I have and cannot find the answers anywhere - I am ready to put the pistons in and need the settings - thanks - Wally
  14. The carburetor that came with our 1930 Chrysler 66 is brass and the only ID on it is a stamped 3 on the mounting flange - can anyone ID it for me please - Wally
  15. the holes are two and 3/4 centres matching the manifold
  16. Will have to go and measure it - give me about half an hour - it has an inch and a quarter thread and we need an inch and a 3/8 thread - forgot to write that on before - brb
  17. I am restoring a 1930 Chrysler 66 and the carburetor I have I do not think is the right one - the only marking on it is a number '3' on the mounting flange to the manifold - it is a brass carby - does anyone have the right one for this car - I am in Australia - thank you - Wally Scott
  18. Hallelujah - the tool he found in the back worked - he just rushed in to tell me to let you know - thank you for the information it has saved a lot of language (Aussie style) - here we are in the Australia and got the answer in an hour - once again THANK YOU - Wally is so pleased
  19. Yes the only exception is that it has riveted pins on both side of the join and hinges - will try to take a photo otherwise the same thing - will try to take a photo and put it on here - it is my husband (who is 82 next month doing this restoration) - so glad u replied so quickly - thank you
  20. Could someone please help me by posting a photo of a tool that I can make for breaking the rim on wooden wheels - have Chrysler 52 (1928 model) fully restored and now doing Chrysler 66 (1930 model) and am having difficulty in breaking the rim to remove the old tyres on the 66 - didn't have any problems with the 52 but just cannot manage this one as it is totally different to the 52 - any help would be appreciated - thank you
  21. Thanks - great photo of a beautiful car
  22. Will have a look in the morning and see if I can find the chassis number - have the engine number and will post them on here - thanks
  23. I am in the process of rebuilding the starter for a 1930 Chrysler 66 and can anyone please help in letting me know where I can get Bendix drive assembly either in Aus or in the US as I cannot seem to find any information - thanks in advance - WallyScott
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