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  1. Thanks gentlemen for your input. I am definitely leaning towards taking it back to original. Just trying to line up all the parts and figure out how. Have two rusty 6 volt generators and two rusty regulators. Pulled a spare motor, out of junk yard today. Practically killed myself unloading it myself. How do I make the vacuum wipers work?
  2. How do i convert back to six volts from 12 volts without messing up reliability? TOOK RUSTY GENERATOR OFF 53 . WILL IT WORK? Also have Dodge generator off 49-52.WHAT ELSE DO I NEED BESIDES BULBS AND BATTERY? 12 VOLTS SUCKS. NOTHING WORKS RIGHT. Horn is too loud. Heater blows too fast. Starter sounds like ready to explode. Guages dont work. Wipers dont work. Interior and dash lights dont work. Idiot conversion before i bought car. Not sure what I need to make right again.
  3. Dude I was born in 1963. I have a 1949 Plymouth p18. I traded a really nice 1969 Buick Wildcat Conv. I owned and restored for 20 years, for a beat up plymouth, at a car show even up. EVERYONE TOLD ME I WAS INSANE CAUSE MY BUICK WAS WORTH MORE THAN DOUBLE. I can't explain it. Something about three on the tree gives me flashbacks to my Pop. I read recently that even Snoop Dogg has a '48 Dodge for similiar reasons.
  4. Dude I had a 1972 Plymouth Cricket in college in 1985. It was an awesome car. Beat the hell out of it. Four speed.
  5. DUDE go to carsinc.com buick parts. Purchase a factory manual. Has everything. Had 69 wildcat for 20 years
  6. I did a body off resto 20 years ago. Had many bugs. Super cars. There is a guy in Mohnton, PA. He is the owner of Ulrich's vw. His name is Gene. He is the man when it comes to bugs. He has a lot of old stuff. Builds motors. Has ghia that does 9 second quarter mile at Maple Grove. Call him he has parts and knowledge and reasonable.
  7. i believe they were either black or silver depending on hub caps. i still have fullset of red seats out of my 1970 if you want them
  8. mdm-6001 STARTER? Where do I put resisters? Wipers dont work either.
  9. does it have to be from a 1956 plymouth 218 only? will dodge chrysler work?
  10. I stepped up and traded my prized 1969 Buick Wildcat conv for a 1949 Plymouth Special Deluxe Cpe. I know its worth more than the Plymouth and don't care! The 49 was converted to 12 volt. It has an alternater and working lights. The starter spins like wild. The horn blows like a tractor trailer. No gauges work. No interior or dash lights. The heater blows like insane fast. I am worried that the 12 volt will ruin all my components. I have 2 generators I got from junkyard, and could rebuild. Should I convert back to 6 volt, or continue down the path of 12 volt sin? What is easier? What is better? What else do I need to go back to 6 volt? I know of course the bulbs and battery. What do I need to make 12 volt work right? I want the least long term painful option! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY 1949 PLYMOUTH. The wildcat burned rubber for half a block, but there is something way cooler about the old 218, and 3 spd. Plus, it aint bad on gas. Help!
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