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  1. No you are 100% right I have no interest in restoring the car, I have my 1926 buick I am currently working on, plus my 81 vette, so a third car is not an option and it must go.
  2. so i went and bought a dslr rebel today so i could take nicer pictures than my iphone. hope maybe these will answer some questions!
  3. this car does have the radio, overdrive, dual sidemounts, and the front seat has been recovered with vinyl, the healiner didnt look bad and the front seat looks like the only part of the interior that has been harmed by rodents, and only in one spot i didnt pay any special attention to the dash or the wood below the windows, but all the windows were rolled up and has not been exposed to the elements while in storage. but next time i will have to pay better attention to the interior aspects, but it did not smell like it had been full of mice and i didnt see any visible droppings. all the glass is intact and doors open and close nicely, as far as rust i noticed some surface rust on the top parts of the car and a little bit when you oped the doors but when i knocked on it it all seemed solid like just surface rust. as far as the floorboards go i would have to get it pulled out to inspect.
  4. heres a few more photos, seems i will have to pull the car out to get the information everyone seeks.
  5. The car is a 5 passenger I beleive. I wish I could post video. The tag says 1542-2090
  6. Okay I will post an update in the next day or two with all the information that is on the cowl plate.
  7. location: manitoba canada and "hmmmm, a 180..." is this a rare car?
  8. the car has a cracked block but i was told it did run when parked, i dont know where the block is cracked, or how bad, the car is buried in a barn and i havent had the chance to pull it out after inheriting it. the car is complete. any information on the value of this car or purchase inquiries would be great! you can feel free to email me @ a.frantz@hotmail.com if you feel like it! thanks again!
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