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  1. Hey Dave congratulations on your move Question I am looking for a set of Dodge front fenders and braces for 33-35 truck in really good condition? I know the truck fenders are almost impossible to locate in good condition but would the sedan or coup models fit? Alan
  2. This is a long shot but am looking for fenders for 1933- 35 dodge front fenders and rear dodge truck rear fenders. The front fenders are for short wheel base sedan or truck and the rear fenders are specific for 1/2 ton truck. my email is rodtiquer@gmail.com. I will give a finders fee if you should find a set of exceptional used set if someone should have any during your travels in-kind Alan
  3. Any 1933-35 dodge front fenders truck or 2dr sedan? to include fender braces? Thanks Alan
  4. Dodge truck or coupe hood must be in excellent condition, also cowl and radiator hood trim brackets. Please send pictures and price to rodtiquer44@yahoo.com thanks
  5. Dave do you have windshield frame for the 33-35 dodge truck? Will the 35-36 windshield frame work?
  6. Dave: Did you get my list of parts for my 1933 dodge truck? Looking for hood, hood hardware, front fenders please send pcs to rodtiquer44@yahoo.com Regards Alan
  7. Hey Dave just wondering if you had time to get pictures and prices on the truck parts that I am looking for? Thanks
  8. do you have one in an 8? The picture on the left are you selling any parts off that vehicle? Regards Alan
  9. can you direct me to the pic of this rare crank cover?
  10. I called the gentleman that had initially posted the add for parting out the 1933 dodge truck yesterday he actually sold the truck. Need to tell your friend that if he is looking for a complete dodge truck in good condition he will need to double the price just being realistic here.
  11. Can you send pics to rodtiquer44@yahoo.com I am located in Pensacola, fl.
  12. I have a 1933 dodge pick-up looking for a hood also, I am not dead set on the chrome shell steel would work also but must be in great condition and lastly a stainless steel windshield frame. Thanks for the quick response Alan
  13. Do you have the hood, rear and front fenders, stainless windshield? Rodtiquer44@yahoo.com thanks
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