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  1. The registration fees have been paid, yet it does not pass smog, thus the registration is not complete, i.e. expired tags. The engine has a rattle that I don't know what it is. The mechanic thinks it is a pully somewhere. I would be hesitant to drive it that far.
  2. Needs Catalytic Converter to pass smog. Fees paid through June 2013. Needs paint and interior work (black car with black interior, summer sun, not garaged). 250K on odometer, but motor runs strong. I do not want to put anymore money into this, nor do I have the time to fix it up. One day will buy another. Good project car, or parts, parts, parts. I will not part it out, just don't have the time. Hard top in good condition, needs paint. Soft top in good condition, no rips or rot. Did not drive it for 2 years and it is detoriating. I don't want to junk it, but may have to if no offers, I would
  3. Yeah, sorry about that. It's a 1991. And yes, it's one of "those Maserati things". Black outside with black interior. Stock V6 engine and transmission.
  4. Have a TC sitting in my driveway. Haven't driven it for a year. One day it didn't start, no spark at the plugs. Gotta be something simple. I have no time to put into it. It needs someone to take care of it and get it back on the road. Serious offers only. Buyer must pick up. I can email pictures. Location: Perris, CA
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