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  1. My '56 Century is still a work in progress. Here are some different stages of the restoration. If you look closely you can see my garage changed. I ended up moving right at the time when i had the body off and no suspension attached to the frame. So i got nice and intimate in moving each and every part from my old house to my new house a few boxes at a time! But after a brief hiatus doing a house renovation and having some kids, I'm back at it, making progress again, and full of optimism.
  2. All. Thanks for the tips. I ended up using the ratchet straps to pull it back. I drilled a 3” hole in a spare 2x6 I had and supported that with a 4x4 I mounted where the tranny cross member goes.
  3. Thanks @JohnD1956, I’ll look around to see if I can find that photo. Maybe I will ratchet strap the axel from the rear to pull it back while I insert some sort of blocking. And if the wood isn’t rigidly attached to the frame, maybe that will help it move around a bit if needed. I’ll post whatever I come up with.
  4. Hmm... I didn’t consider building something up front, I had just assumed i was doing something wrong in the reassembly in the rear. Maybe I can fabricate some sort of plate to attach to the torque tube with some blocking around it, but that might be too rigid. I’ll need to take a fresh look at how the torque tube/propeller normally attach to the torque ball housing and try to replicate. Thanks for the tip @Bloo! Anyone else here encounter this already have an example solution in mind?
  5. I’m 12 years in to my “4 year” frame off restoration of a 1956 Buick century. Never done this before, doing it in my garage on my own, so it’s been slow going. I reassembled the suspension and rear axle to the frame with out the body on. I finally got the body back on the frame, engine and tranny are still out. But when I Lower the weight of the car on the rear axle , the rear wheels sit too far forward in the wheel well and rub the body. I can’t seem to get the rear axle to hang down straight from the frame. I have tried following the procedure from original maintenance manual by suppor
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