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  1. I sent in my check way back in March, but it's never cleared. I'm afraid it's lost. Now, I can't even find who and where to resend a check. Please help. Many thanks!
  2. I don't have $6000 at this moment, but I sure love the cars. He isn't far from me, so I'll chat with him! ; )
  3. Mansfield isn't very far from me. I can always go and see these if anybody is really interested.
  4. Oh... actually, I am in Texas and it was probably over 100 degrees that day. However, car had been in the garage and all I did was to back it out where both doors could be opened. Was that enough to raise that temp? BD26 was 34 and BD27 was 33.
  5. Ran the diagnostics this morning. Let me start (do NOT laugh) by saying, there is NO way I am a mechanic, and truly understand VERY little about how cars run but I probably understand more than most girls! Ran them all on a cold engine with the engine off. Seems like some need to be run with the car running? This run through, the ED04 was 036. Let me know which (if any) of these need to be run with the engine running please. Oh, and Ronnie, I HAVE one of those infrared thermometers!!! Will check that, thanks!
  6. Padgett, the a/c will blow cold just fine as long as the car is just started up and cool. Once the car starts showing "hot", the a/c stops blowing cold air. We'll go into the diagnostics mode in the morning and check!
  7. I pulled my 90 Reatta from the garage this morning and drove it to work. Coming back to the office from running errands, the temperature indicator showed that it was getting hot. The a/c stopped cooling, but kept blowing. When it reached the point of TELLING me it was HOT I pulled over. However, the radiator has coolant and the engine has oil and transmission fluid. No indication that the ENGINE was actually getting hot, but the indicator kept telling us it was. Both cooling fans are running fine. Best we can figure, it might be the engine temperature switch. No belts or hoses are broken or leaking. So..... where IS the temp switch and can we replace it ourselves, without having to get it to a mechanic? Or, is there any other possibilities that somebody else can suggest?
  8. Sidney22


    : ( I'm so sorry. Glad you weren't hurt.
  9. I would definitely order one!
  10. You've seen this post right? http://forums.aaca.org/f200/green-91-coupe-90-convert-sale-350187.html
  11. AAAAAHHHH, I would LOVE to have that 1991 GREEN! (Can't right now though!) : (
  12. Nice looking car, congrats and welcome to the world of Reattas! I think they are like potato chips, can't have just one!.......
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