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  1. Thanks. However, I am want the original Orpin type switch. It is much smaller and easier to hide than the huge switch made my Texas Industrial Electric.
  2. I need an Orpin series parallel battery switch. It is use with two 6 volt batteries to crank with 12 volts then convert back to 6 volt. Does anybody have one or know where I can find one?
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    Do you have matting for a 1936 Packard Sedan Senior car? Price?
  4. Which company makes reproduction top trim that can be used to go around the vinyl top insert on the top of a Packard Sedan 1935 -1939? I have seen an Aluminum channel that has a cover that snaps over it used on many mid to late 30's cars of all different makes that have been restored. It looks like it is easy to form when making turns. But I have no idea where to purchase it.