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  1. Sorry nothing that early. I did just find an passenger car NOS cluster gear for a MOPAR in the 41-54 range. P/N WT243-8A, 697823. If anyone is interested I'll let it go for any reasonable price. Regards,
  2. As I no longer have the length of time left to do any major restorations, it is time for me to pass on the accumulated 'stuff' I amassed. Two engines, S/N P51 899808 is almost complete, has starter, generator, fuel pump, distributor head and pan. It has been sitting in my possession for over 15 years so I have no idea the overall condition. The second, P24 116428 is a short block. The head and pan are off but I probably have these parts in my collection of 'extra' parts. Also a rear end from my PT81. I replaced it with one I purchased as a package deal. If you know how to adjust the ring and pinion gear, this is a good rear. It just has slop in the gears and I was not about to delve into this adjustment since I have never done it before. I also have many external parts, ie. generators, starters instruments, bulbs and engine internal parts. Since some of these parts are heavy, I can only suggest pickup at my home in PA with a trailer, truck or U-Haul. Anyone interested, I will be very happy to negotiate a reasonable offer.
  3. After replacing the worm shaft and sector shaft I still had a wandering problem. The play was gone from the wheel but it was a bear to drive. I inspected the king pins thinking that could be the problem. They were tight. A little more inspection showed the steering knuckle was loose on the brake backing plate. Removing the drum I noticed the brake shoes had "New" on them. I had not changed the brakes so this must have been the former owner (25 years ago) doing the install. The cotter pins were new so the bottom adjusters were never tightened. After re-assembly with some Loctite, I found the same problem on the other side. What a difference. No wandering and just the right amount of force to turn the wheel. An expensive solution to an easily corrected problem. Well at this point I have an NOS sector shaft and a steering worm gear that did not have to be replaced. Anyone needing one of these for 38/39/40 these are available. Regards, wings515
  4. Just got back onto this Forum. I got a set from Roberts Motor Parts a while back for my PT81. They were not curved but were easily bent to fit the nose curve. Very good repos. Regards, wings515
  5. This is not specific to any particular meet. Just as a general question for show classifications.
  6. A friend has the 72 El Camino with a highly modified engine. When going to shows the question comes up as to what class this vehicle should be put into. Is it a modified car, truck or coupe? Just for some information. Regards, wings515
  7. Thank you all for the information provided. After a four hour attack on the steering box this afternoon, I have success! I must have had the box in and out 10 times during this adjustment procedure. I began by using the procedure outlined in the Ford Model A service bulletin to get a starting point since the Model A also used the Gemmer assembly. I had to fabricate a flat blade tool to adjust the bottom eccentric screw. When it was finished, I had less than 1" play at the center of travel of the wheel. I am very happy with this little amount of play. This may be some slop in the upper and lower roller bearings but I will not press my luck to "fix" this. I am surprised how smooth the steering is when it is adjusted correctly. I called Lares Corporation and they quoted me a price of $309.75 plus S/H for rebuild. This included new seals and bushings. It would have been extra if there were damage to the sector or worm. To me I just saved over $300. Had I not been able to get the box adjusted, Lares was my only option. Thanks again for the information and help. Regards, wings515
  8. wings515

    1937 Pt50

    I'd be very happy to find a 39 Dodge steering box if you know where one is. Regards, wings515
  9. Hello, I have been working on adjusting the steering box on my PT81 for what seems to be a year. I have read the adjustment procedures associated with Gemmer boxes from the Ford site since the PT81 uses a Gemmer box. My first problem was that when I center the steeing wheel in turns CW and CCW, the tires end up turning to the left. According to the instructions, the steering shaft should be lined up with the keyway at 12 oclock when driving straight. Since there is no drag link adjustment I had to select of another tooth on the sector shaft spline. This put the steering wheel 180 degrees rotated CW to drive straight. This puts the sector shaft not in the center of rotation so when I go through the adjustment procedure the steering shaft binds at about 2 oclock CW. My other question is how, in a production environment, did they make sure the front wheels were straight without a drag link adjustment? Does anyone know of a service that will rebuild and adjust this Gemmer box? I contacted Brattons and they only do 28-31 Ford. Regards, wings515
  10. wings515

    1937 Pt50

    I am looking for a steering box for my 39 PT81. It should be the same as the ones used in your PT50. Are you willing to part with one? Reagrds, wings515
  11. wings515

    1937 Pt50

    I have a 39 PT81 without a tail gate and hardware. I also live in PA near Scranton. As Joan Rivers said, " Can we talk"? Regards, wings515
  12. Yes the PT81 is a 1/2 ton pickup truck. Very similar to the Dodge WC pickup. Thanks for the replies. Dan K.
  13. I am about to do an investigation on installing a tailgate on my PT81. At this time I have made a wood gate but I would like to replace it with an original. Here are some of the questions, I can get a 37/38 script gate, can this be used on the 39. The front bed piece is 48" wide, should the gate be 47.75" to fit inside or does it wrap around the side panels? What is the part number for the latches. Does anyone have the dimensions of the latches, both male and female. Also need exact location of the latches on the gate. Do the hinges have a bearing insert in the gate? Are the hinges used on Plymouth/Dodge the same as those used on Chevys. They look similar when posted on ebay. How are the latches and hinges attached to the side posts? Are there threaded inserts in the posts or are the nuts "loose" hardware? Sorry for all the questions but I am limited on available information. Best regards, Dan K.
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