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  1. Looks to be the Brougham body style (close coupled sedan) built by Biddle & Smart.
  2. Not a real basket case but it has changed. 1927 Chrysler "50"
  3. Travelling in a tight group on busy roads is a fools game. Clear directions allows you to tour on your own, enjoy the drive and arrive at the next stop in a good mood. Stressed out people are not fun to tour with. We are blessed with many back roads in Alberta where we don't interfere with regular folks.
  4. 1935 has, in my opinion, the nicest styling of all the Airflow front ends, and an Imperial, nice.
  5. A Hudson 4 passenger coupe and an Essex coach from my HET photo collection. I would enjoy having one or both in the shed.
  6. I don't do this kind of thing too much anymore, it often sounded more enjoyable than it turned out to be. This lady turned 90 yrs. of age and her daughter organized a surprise pick up and delivery in my 1930 Hudson to a restaurant dinner with all her family. Very recently, she had told her daughter if she ever won the lottery she would like to buy an antique car. Turned out her father had a Hudson way back and knew what kind of cars their neighbours drove, well informed indeed. She was a spry and absolutely delightful lady and really appreciated the ride. She put a smile on my face also.
  7. It appears to be a typical garage. Fill it up with stuff you never use so you can't walk around in there, then park your daily driver outside year round. Sheesh.
  8. I've always really liked the Chrysler Airflow, 1935 has the best grill design. I would drive one any day of the week and twice on Sunday.
  9. That's $10,500 US dollars. That would be a real an eye catcher all done up.
  10. Here is something quite different from a glass plate negative I have in my collection. It's a nice effort to slap this contraption together from just about nothing but not surprised it needs some road side adjustments.
  11. In the '80's my Father bought a nice 1965 T-Bird at an auction in Seattle that my Mother drove for several summers. It was eventually sold and we saw it once or twice since then and changed hands a couple of times. A couple years ago a friend in our local club asked if we knew the car, as he had found a receipt with Dad's name on it after he bought it from his neighbour in a divorce sale.
  12. Don't forget about where to locate the wall decorations. Carpet flooring optional but it is warmer than concrete and it came with the building, a portable school.
  13. Have been in some minor productions and wasn't worth it. I don't care for other people deciding what to do with my car. However. did get a couple of seconds look in the program. Fear itself 2008.
  14. Hope all goes well, these Imperials are awesome, especially the FS.
  15. I could probably get by with this 1924 Marmon Speedster. Well engineered and gorgeous.
  16. Model 50 is a 1927 Chrysler 4 cylinder, the model 52 is the 1928 version, they have somewhat minor cosmetic differences but mechanically they are the same.
  17. Now you tell me you can have people standing in front of an old car, I did find a couple pictures though. First one is from 1999 with my siblings (I'm second from the left), taken at the farm where my Father grew up near Speers, Saskatchewan with my first old car that I bought in 1983 when I was 19, it's a 1937 Terraplane. Photo #2 is a couple years ago with Dad's (ours ?) 1915 T touring, when we were a one 'T' family.
  18. Do you have a photo of the Caribbean with the top attached ? Looks well built.
  19. Yes. If it's like last year you will need a wide brimmed hat and lots of sunscreen. The day after that you will need rubber boots and well fitted rain gear.
  20. It's near the top of the 2020 bucket list for me. That's my preferred era with the big wheels and square bodies, oh ya.
  21. PolyAll 2000 as mentioned previously sounds like a very similar product to KwikPoly. It's available online, $39.99 Cdn. minibucks.
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