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  1. Stopped in after work today and had a look around, certainly some interesting cars for sale here, the 1936 Auburn looks alright, the 1939 Packard conv. looks to be alright, the 1927 LaSalle looks not too bad except for the loud colours, I did like the 1925 Packard but currently at $10,000 appears to be max. dollars in my opinion.
  2. The sound of straight cut gears is music to my ears. (Could be a new country song )
  3. We have grabbed up most any parts car we came across for the vehicles that we have and are fortunate to have 20 acres of space to store them. Some have travelled a fair distance to get here. They have easily paid for themselves in supplying parts or information during a restoration or in helping keep the completed cars on the road where they belong. A virtual pot of gold.
  4. I check it out a few times but not too much there to interest me, I'm out of the mainstream car collectors loop , not a bad place to be actually. I do miss when I first saw it on tv way back with the big brass and real classic cars.
  5. Black and white photo but I think this tractor might be green.
  6. Lots of great car nuts in NZ, met many of them while attending the last two International Festivals of Motoring. Matter of fact I see a photo of a Morris owner that we have become friends with.
  7. Here is our 1948 Frazer Manhattan. They are a very comfortable driving automobile. Also a photo of my father at ten years old when his uncle came to visit the farm in Saskatchewan, this uncle lived in the Detroit area and had recently purchased a Frazer from the factory in Willow Run MI. Apparently it made quite an impression on Dad, we have four KF cars in the collection today.
  8. Camping with all the amenities, including a bunk bed in the touring car.
  9. We have been in the hobby for around 40 years, some of the cars are his, some are mine and some are ours. He is 83 and always has a project on the go, it keeps him young.
  10. Hey guys. Let's get together and just say no to letting anyone refer to a car as a Cadillac LaSalle. It's either a Cadillac or a LaSalle, not both. Pet peeve du jour. Bob
  11. Really a great article but I am still a bit perplexed on the construction details compared to my Budd built 1927 Chrysler "50". Automobile Quarterly did deep dive into the Budd story, I might have to dig out and re-read it.
  12. An affordable entry into the world of Hudson. Plenty of parts for these cars and great club support with the HET club
  13. One of my personal favourites is the old "I don't need to sell, just testing the waters". Translation- I'm mostly wasting everyone's time unless you me offer stupid money for it.
  14. Chris, I prefer the road conditions from our drive just one week ago. Bob.
  15. With our local club we used to spend the occasional afternoon driving each others cars on country roads (model T's to Rolls Royce) and it is great fun. I also enjoy being in the passenger seat watching the driver in sync with their automobile.
  16. There is nothing like the sights, sounds and smells of this event and was fortunate to be a spectator in 2008.
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