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  1. Couple of quick questions before I hit my parts books:  Do you have the '34 style dash with the squared off instrument cluster in the center?  Or is it of the 3 round gauge type?  What does your firewall data plate say, if it is there?

  2. If you are in San Diego (as I am), sign up for the event in Vista, first Sunday in August.  About 300 cars show up and they close up the old downtown streets.  While they call it the Vista 'Rod Run', lots of restored and lightly modified cars show up.  Good family event and opportunity to swap stories with owners.  Contact the Vista Village Association to sign up.  I will have your 33's cousin, my 34 PE four-door sedan, with side mounts, in attendance and would be glad to talk Mopar with you.  SMB



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  3. Folks above are correct:  The front doors on the truck cabs 'taper in' at the bottom, so the lower hinge is longer.  The parts book for the 34 truck, KC cab (which, as far as the doors are concerned, is the same as the 33 HC, which is NOT true of the passenger car doors between those two years), lists different numbers for the two hinges:  399073 for the upper hinge assembly (right side) and 399079 for the lower hinge assembly (right side).  Note that it also appears that there were some changes to the upper hinge assembly number, depending upon when the cab was made.  SMB

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  4. Cover is for a rear spare only, 1934, I believe.  That year the tire valve door came both ways, both horizontal and vertical.  Hubcap is a 34, the 35 and 36 cap was more domed and had the stripe closer to the center of the cap.  All of the 35s I have seen over the years had a single bolt in the center to hold the cover to the mount.  The 34 has the 2-piece cover, with the center 'extension' piece that sticks out.  I know there is a difference in the width of the chrome strip around the outside of the cover but have never determined which is correct for a 34.  The strip on 34 side mount covers is certainly the wider type.  Nice cover.

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  5. OK, not sure where you are located but my ultimate source for keys and locks and all things related is ABC Lock, Key and Lawnmower Repair Shop on 30th in San Diego, CA.  Old time lock and key shop that has been there forever and has, I believe, everything (bent 30s Omega keys, Ford decklid keys that formed the handle, etc., etc.)  See attached photo, this is the smaller of the walls they have covered with stock.  Good luck.  SMB

    ABC LOCK KEY.jpg

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  6. Agree with JayG's comment about UHaul not being willing to rent the trailers if the tow vehicle doesn't have the power/brakes to handle the towed load, which is just good sense for all concerned.  I have towed all of my 34 Mopars at one time or another on UHaul car trailers without problem.  You might figure out what weighs about the same as your 36 but is more recent vintage because they have in the past asked me what I was towing and their book doesn't go back into the 30s.  I also always bring a couple of extra tie-down straps with a ratchet.  While they have front wheel straps and chains for the rear end, a little extra security helps.  When I towed my 34 Dodge coupe a couple of years ago  I used the straps to  pull the rear down tight, which kept it from working on the Dodge suspension (since it is already on the trailer suspension) and the tow, down twisty Pacific Coast Highway in Northern California, was a lot smoother.  Final note:  they have stopped putting winches on the front of these trailers, even the hand-crank type, so make sure you have some extra bodies to push your truck up on the trailer if it is not running.  Bottom line, UHaul has always been an easy, efficient way to get my cars around when they needed to be trailered. 




  7. Tom--The shocks in your photographs, #s 1460 K3E and 1460 J3E, are listed in my parts book as fitting a 33 PC.  For the PD they show a similar number but K4E and J4E.  SMB

  8. Tom--Just in case it might help in the search, my parts book shows "Vendor No. 1441A1G" for the Right rear and "Vendor No. 1441B1G" for the Left rear.  I assume those are the Delco Lovejoy numbers because they use that type of number/letter designation and there is no Mopar number--which would typically be a 6XXXXX type number.  Note that the PF and PG use the same shock as one another but it is NOT the same as the number for the PE, which is not surprising because the PE has a bigger frame than the PF and PG--6" versus 5" if I remember correctly.  SMB

  9. Or, there is a 33-34 truck cap that will fit, has no ram, just a large ridge.  That will match up with the elongated shape of the grille shell at the rear of the filler hole.  Some of those say 'DODGE' across the front, but I think those are for the big trucks with the larger, much heavier grille shells--I think those may be too big, but maybe not.  Plain ones with the ridge look pretty nice but not so nice that somebody would steal them.

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  10. Tom--Happy New Year to you from us in the colonies!  Looking forward to further updates.  On that topic, anything from Chris in Houston?  Still haven't had any updates from him since the floods.  Hope he and his 33 convertible are OK. Again, all the best to you in the coming new year.  SMB

  11. 2 hours ago, Chrycoman said:


    That's what I get for not wearing my glasses when checking numbers in parts books  -


    Front fenders - right - enamel :

    Plymouth PE - 621188

    Dodge DR, DS, DT - 621133

    Chrysler CA, CB -  621188



    You must have the same original parts books I have--every year that they age the print and numbers in them shrink!  By the way, checked both my 34 parts books, Plymouth and Dodge, and neither lists any parts for or references any overdrive units.  As noted above, the free-wheeling unit is something that was available in 34, both Plymouth and Dodge.

  12. I believe these were standard in 33-36 Plymouth cars and they also tend to show up in Dodge trucks from the same time period.  I think you will find that at least the 34 Dodge cars (and perhaps later) have a very similar light but the beading on the bezel is different and the lens is a much more opaque color, almost a milk glass color.  Fairly common dome light, show up on ebay all the time.  SMB

  13. Couple of general comments with the background that I have had several 34 Plymouth PE models (coupe, convertible coupe, 4-dr sedan, all on the 114" wheelbase) and a 34 Dodge DRXX (the 'cheapo' Dodge, 117" wheelbase).  Lots of variations but the coupe bodies for 34 basically interchange but they do not interchange with any of the 33 models (the rake on the A pillar is different, etc.).  Doors on the PE coupe interchange with the Dodge coupes but note that there are differences in the coupe body doors because some came with vent windows and some did not.  On the Plymouth, the PE and PF have vents (and therefore an additional interior knob to work the vent) but the PG does not.  Both the PF (as well as the PFXX) and the PG were on the shorter, 108" wheelbase, with the PF having an independent front end and the PG with a beam axle.  Inside, the dashes are different in the Plymouths from the Dodges but they can be removed and substituted because the outside dimensions are the same.  The window garnishes are completely different, Dodge v. Plymouth, and they also differ among the Dodges.  My DRXX, which does not have vent windows, has garnishes that have a very narrow, straight 'skirt' (similar to 33 models) as opposed to the more stylish DR coupes with the vent windows. Finally, ignoring the dash differences, the inside handles for the door and window cranks are different, Dodge to Plymouth.

    One thing to note that may make the bodies not interchangeable is that the cowl section on the Dodge is longer than the Plymouth, at least under the hood.  I will try to get a couple of photos of that for you because that would seem to be a major impediment to changing a Plymouth to a Dodge or vice versa.

    As noted above, the hood lengths differ (my DRXX is 50 1/2" while the PEs are 47").  Don't know about the Dodge coupes, but the 34 Plymouth front fenders do not interchange because the difference in wheelbase is made up forward of the runningboards.  On the Plymouths, the short wheelbase cars (PF and PG) have shorter front fenders.  In addition, the Dodge fenders have the additional beautiful bead that runs up the crown on the front of the fenders which is not found on the Plymouths.

    Attached a coupe of photos of my 34 DRXX for reference.  Will try to get those photos of the difference in the cowl configurations to you in a separate email. 

    Have fun!





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  14. Mostly complete 34 PE Convertible Coupe just listed yesterday on Ebay.  Stalled restoration project, disassembled but appears to be mostly there.  Wrong headlights and I don't see the roll up window frames.  Rare bird.  In Ohio.

  15. Looking for various parts for my 1934 Plymouth PE convertible coupe.  Specifically looking for the following:

    --Windshield frame top piece

    --Original windshield post knobs, with the locking pin assembly

    --Door window assemblies, both sides

    --Door garnish moldings, both sides

    Parts from a 33 convertible should work for the first two items but not for the window/garnish parts, those are unique to the 34 convertible.


    I will pay cash for these items or will TRADE for these items, have lots of 33-34 Plymouth and Dodge parts to trade including the following convertible parts:

    --full set of top irons

    --partial set of top irons

    --near mint 33 convertible side window, VERY NICE. see attached photo.

    --34 dash garnish


    Also have an original and complete 34 Deluxe radio, with the control head (although it has the black face), see my recent post under Dodge for photos..


    I am in beautiful Southern California.  (619)807-7830, scottbonesteel@cox.net.  Thanks!  SMB 


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  16. OK, this came out of a very original 34 PE with the proper 34 PE control head (with the gold face that matches the instruments--the black faced ones matched the black instruments in the 34 PF and I have seen them in the 35 Plymouths, which had black faced instruments).  Based upon that, I am assuming this is an original 1934 installation. (My brother pulled them from the car so I cannot personally vouch for the installation but I have no reason to doubt him--at least on this topic!).  In addition to the control head with the cables, there are two boxes with the radio 'guts' and speaker.  The cables connect to the smaller of the two boxes, one for the tuner and the other for the volume.  This box has the appropriate Mopar logo on it for 34 but no part numbers.  There is a cable connection shown in the photos between the two boxes, the larger of which contains the speaker as well.  Both are mounted to the firewall with similar brackets:  One piece bolts to the firewall, the other is attached to the box, and with overlapping 'flanges' they can be 'hung' on the firewall and then secured with a single screw.  Somebody thought this one out well.  I have shown both control heads, the gold-faced one with the nickel knobs which is now in my 34 PE convertible, the black faced one (which did NOT come with this radio set, showing it just for comparison) which looks like it is out of a 35 because of the white knobs.  Since the early 70s I have owned a few 34 PEs, along with my 34 Dodge DRXX coupe and I am fairly well informed but I would certainly defer to Jim Benjaminson of the Plymouth club or their other Plymouth experts or somebody from the Dodge side on what would be appropriate for the 34 DRXX.  Hope this helps.  Photos may span a couple of posts. 








  17. I have seen photos of 34 DRXX with those window garnishes from a DR with vent window winder holes and I think those are incorrect--probably due to there being far fewer DRXX models around.  Attached photos are of the interior of my DRXX coupe as we were pulling it out of a long sleep in a northern California garage a couple years ago and of a DRXX coupe in what I believe is an original sales photo.  You can see that the window garnish in the DRXX is smaller, much like a 33 Dodge or Plymouth.  Hard to see in the factory photo but I have been able to blow up the original and it matches what is in my DRXX, without the vent winder hole because there is no vent.




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  18. Here are a couple of comparison pictures.  The door in primer is a 33, the other one a 34.  While they are both 31" across at the center of the belt line, the 34 has much more slope to it than the 33 at the A-pillar.  At the rear lower corner, the 34 is a thicker door.  The last picture shows the top rear corner of a pickup door (which I have always believed were the same 33-34-first series 35 in the truck line) and you can see it is rounded off.  Probably not too hard to modify from a passenger car door, as long as it was also a 33.  Hope this helps.  SMB

    P.S. I still need some front door window garnishes for my 34 PE if you find any.  Thanks.   




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