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  1. post-89602-143141799316_thumb.jpgWhile it doesn't help much on convertibles (although they may have been marked as well) you often find factory chalk marks on the inside of closed cars, setting forth the body style (here, a 34 PE business coupe) and the color (the light metallic gray, 'gray metal light'). This was marked on the right rear of the top, to the side of the rear window.
  2. Nice PD. I have the remnants of a 33 PD convertible body, doors and back only, but the best I can tell you about the interior color is that it appears to be plain metal, perhaps with some sort of metal treatment on it, which is what my 34 PE convertible has on it. I do have a 34 PE convertible firewall with the original paint still on it (you can tell it is a convertible because it has the unique convertible number series stamped up by the coil hole) and it appears to be a gloss black or, at the very least, a semi gloss.

  3. All I need is the shaft, I have the jacket and the wheel. Either the P7 or the P8 shaft should work but I would think the P7 is easier since it is a floor shift (and is what I have) and doesn't have the big column with all the shift mechanism. By pulling the wheel you should be able to tell if it is a splined shaft--actually, just by removing the horn button (held on with three screws from the back side of the wheel) and removing the nut holding on the wheel you should be able to tell if it is a spline type or keystock type. Let me know what works for you. Thanks for the prompt reply. You can reach me at 619-807-7830. SMB

  4. Trying to find the steering column shaft for a 39 P7 Plymouth. Parts books seem to indicate the P7 and the P8 are the same (Part #691445), even though the P8 is a column shift and the P7 is a floor shift. Shaft is 3/4" diameter, with the hole down the middle for the horn button. Most important, the steering wheel end is splined for the wheel, not a keystock. Spline is 40-tooth, looks like 11/16". Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  5. Don't know if these made it to the crusher yet but if not I need a steering column shaft, either P7 or P8 should be the same, it is the one that is a 3/4" shaft with the hole down the center for the horn button and, most importantly, the splined top for the steering wheel rather than the keyway type. The spline is 40 teeth, 11/16". Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  6. I also have a 34 KCL panel in the works and I agee totally with the post above. Note that the 34 Dodge cars are completely different and will not interchange, although the 33s will. There is almost no literature on these but what I have I would gladly search through for you if you need some specific information. Welcome to a very small club!

  7. Thought I would jump in here because I have a 34 KCL humpback. As you see, the 33-early 35 rear doors do not interchange with the later models. The doors are all steel, without any wood framing. Note also that they are all on the long wheelbase frame, 119", so they do not interchange with even the pickups, unless it is one of the fairly rare long wheelbase pickups. Accordingly, the running boards don't interchange with the coupes or sedans. Welcome to the fun.

  8. Plymouth but not 34 (although it looks like the hood ornament and the logo on the 34 glovebox door). Looks like what you have is the center that has been cut out of a 37 Plymouth horn button. If so, probably is about 1 3/4" across.

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