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  1. hi all looking for a floor shifter 73 or 74 dodge challenger automatic
  2. hi all any have a shifter for a 73 or 74 dodge challenger automatic
  3. thanks dale, sort was thinking to much about ad
  4. 38 dodge D8 touring sedan 3rd owner bought on july 11,1938 have orignal bill of sale and id card from dodge dealer in illinois have all manuals and parts books WHAT CAR HAS FROM 1938 engine -218 6cly trans wiring engine and under dash oil breather air breather seats mohier front and back beige in color radio-not working heater - working daul wipers - working gauges - working door handles and cranks - all working had auto scissor choke not hook up has manual choke working all windows working no chips,cracks,vent windows all swing open, front vent crawl opens and clos
  5. thanks lp will do, will put it together tomorrow ill let you know how it goes thanks again johnny
  6. thank D2 and jp i have both on my car scissor choke is ready never hooked to carb if i go to that do i disconnect to manual choke cable to carb? thanks johnny
  7. hi all looking for a choke cable 1938 dodge D8 218 6cly stromburg carb thanks john
  8. hi all looking for a used mopar 340 small block
  9. hi all, looking for a 340 or 360 LA engine for a 73 challenger thanks all
  10. looking for a 340 or 360 LA engine for a 73 challenger
  11. hi all, just wondering is they any good way to find the rite air/fuel mix on my stromburg carb or is it that you just have to play with it to you think its rite any help would be helpful I'm sure all have diff ways carb was rebuilt timing good plugs,wires cap rotor points all new thanks johnny
  12. hi jack, jump the 2 wires from brake light switch, brake lights on getting new brake light switch as we speak thanks again so much for time and info much thanks johnny
  13. hi jack no brake lights when pedal down do i track down that wire to the tail lite parking lights all work fine
  14. hi all, would like to ask put test lite on wires to brake switch 1 shows total power to lite other shows very weak power is that correct or should they both show full power to test lite if so anyone know what problem may be. thanks johnny
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