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  1. Al: Thank you. I suspect you are right about the harness being for both 53 and 54. I hate to show my ignorance, but whether there are 1 or 2 ground cables, but neither actually grounds (is attached to) the switch or the motor, how can they act as a ground?
  2. Fr. Buck: Thank you. There is a "tab" under the instrument panel that has a screw hole in it. ‚ÄčThe ground cable will go to it easily. I suspect that's where it goes if it doesn't ground to the the switch. I wish I knew more about wiring and electricity. Jim Farrell
  3. Barney: You are 100% right about the wiring itself. The 53 Buick Shop Manual at p.288 (figure11-11) has a pretty good picture of the wiring for the power antenna except for where the ground strap at the switch end. On the other end the the Shop Manual shows that that the ground strap attaches in the engine compartment to a bolt on an inspection hole cover. The wiring harness we bought has 4 wires coming out of the pigtail at the switch end including the ground strap. There is no place on the switch for more than three terminals and I can find no other place on the switch to attach the ground strap. The only thing I can think of is that the ground strap on the switch end is suppose to attaches to the underside of the instrument panel somewhere, but I'm not sure that makes sense. Somebody must know where this ground wire is suppose to go. Jim Farrell
  4. The antenna switch of the '53 Skylark is below the instrument panel to the left of the steering column. The wiring harness to the switch has 4 wires including a ground strap. The red, orange and black wires each have a terminal on the back of the switch, but there is no separate terminal for the ground strap. (The other end of the ground strap attaches to a bolt on the engine side if the firewall.) can anyone help me figure out where the ground strap on the switch end of the harness goes? Thank you. Jim Farrell
  5. Thanks. I will make the lock per your directions. Jim Farrell
  6. When I took the car apart there were no French locks on any of the exhaust manifold bolts, so I bought 8 new ones to use on the car. The only problem I ran into was with the manifold bolts on the front passenger side. The place where the bolts attach is different from the rest in that the generator is also attached with those bolts -- the front bolt is longer and the exhaust manifold is shaped differently. Was there a special French lock that was used for these exhaust manifold bolts? If so, does anyone know if it is available or what is looks like so aI can make one? Thanks. Jim Farrell
  7. Al: Thank you. Sounds like great idea. Jim Farrell
  8. I need help! In trying to hook up the horn wire on our '53 Skylark I took the steering column off. The steering shaft has the slot in it down towards the engine end but there is no insulated sleeve on the shaft to solder the end of the horn wire to. If anyone has the steering column off the car they are working on, can you please let me know the length and thickness of the brass sleeve and the thickness of the rubber insulator under it? Better yet, does anyone have a suggestion or know where I can find a new or used sleeve and insulator? I understand they are the same from '50 to '55. Thank you, Jim Farrell
  9. I think I may have found the answer to my own question in a prior inquiry on this sight from 10/26/15 entitled "54 Skylark steering box removal". There is a referral in one of the answers to that inquiry to "The 54 Buick Highway". On that web sight there is an article on "Buick Power Steering Conversion" by Prof Nailhead that gives detailed instructions on horn wire removal and installation. Since the instructions primarily are for the 54 Buick, is it safe to assume there are no major differences on the 53 Buick horn wire? Thanks again.
  10. Steering column is installed. How do I install the horn wire? Once installed, how do I connect it to the horn cable connector, which is the the little rectangular plate with the spring loaded "plunger" on it that has the rest of the horn wire that goes to the horn relay? At the "top" of the horn wire there is a contact and spring. On the engine end of the horn wire is there some type of connector that connects to the spring loaded horn cable connector? I guess the real question is do I have to take the steering column out (or at least loosen it and raise it up) to thread the horn wire down the shaft to the horn cable connector? Thank you
  11. Al, thank you very much. One of the best Christmas presents we could get! Merry Christmas to you and your family. Thanks again. Jim Farrell
  12. I've seen several ads for '54 Skylark hood insulation, bur none for '53. I've also looked under the hood of several what appeared to be high quality restorations of '53 Skylarks. It looked to me that '53s had a different style and type hood insulation that was at least partially sewn. As I recall the hood insulation covered most of the underside of the hood except for a "cutout" area for the hood ornament attachment nuts and cup washers. There must be someone out there who made them or someone who has a pattern. Merry Christmas to all and thanks for the interest and help. Jim Farrell
  13. Checked out Cars Inc. In their catalogue, they start with '54 hood insulation. They don't list hood insulation for a '53 Skylark. Someone out there must know someone who has a Skylark with the correct hood insulation I could ask where they got it or how they duplicated it. Please. Jim Farrell
  14. The car is black. It needed paint because of body damage but had the original paint on it when we got it. When we got it about 20 years ago the entire underside was undercoated, and I can't say for sure what was under the undercoating. We chose to replicate the undercoating. We found it unusual but only part of the front wheel wells were hand painted red. The rear wheel wells were not painted. The car was originally sold by Brailey and Graham Buick in Portland OR, But for several years before it was sold it was driven by Mrs. Brailey. According to Mr. Brailey, who has since passed on, it was finally purchased by a bar tender in Lake Oswego and that is where we assume the mild body damage came from. Jim Farrell
  15. We are trying to finish up a '53 Buick Skylark, but need to figure out where to get the correct underhood insulation. Can anyone direct us who to contact? Thank you. Jim Farrell
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