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  1. The headliner is probably sagging due to the deterioration of the foam rubber that was glued to the plastic top and has now come loose and causing the headliner to sag. If the headliner itself still looks nice you are in good shape. The headliner is the expensive part to have to replace. I think you can do the repair yourself (based on things you have said in the forum) as it takes a can of 3M Spray Adhesive High Strength and about 2 yards of 1 inch foam rubber. If you need more help taking it apart let me know. Bob
  2. Is the sagging headliner in the soft top or the hard top? Bob
  3. I have to give credit where credit is due and the upper picture in the other thread referenced was taken by Bob Barrow at Monaco.
  4. Peak does make a 'Radiator Super Cleaner and Flush' for about $4.00 and if you think you might have a blockage in your coolant system, this would be a cheap ways of possibly correcting it. Read the directions on the label first as part of the directions say to run the engine for 3 to 6 hours. If the blockage is real bad it may over heat way before that. Bob
  5. I have attached a picture of a pull down mechanism that has already been removed from the soft top well. It is normally connected by 2 bolts on each end of the bar. You said that you tried the manual trunk release and that is apparently broken somewhere. I would try is to put a pair of needle nose pliers on the hole in the trunk and turn them counter clockwise to get the bars to move such that they release the catches on the hard top. Good Luck.
  6. Notice that the stainless steel trim parts are missing from around the wheel wells so there has been some body work and paint done on the bottom side of the car as well. Also the pinstripes are not the factory color. Nice job.
  7. My records show that there was only one white 1989 TC with the T2 engine and it did have ginger interior and had a black top. I have a 'rug' on my dash and also had a terry cloth cover made for my arm rest, but the leather is not bad (hopefully to keep it nice)(comes off at shows).
  8. TCBUCKY89, What is the item number on the blue TC on eBay, I cannot find it. Thanks, Bob
  9. http://mecum.com/lot-detail.cfm?lot_id=CA0814-196285 Here was a nice one at the Mecum Auction in Monterey, CA sold for $7,000 with 4,000 miles.
  10. Thanks Bill, I always wondered what that dot was for. When I get home I will have to check my tires. Bob
  11. Digger, I think Yankee is looking for the cover. TCPARTS does have the levers and they are very reasonable. I think but there is a ginger cover (housing) on eBay, search for item number 320701205571. TCPARTS will have the covers also but don't know what he would charge. Bob
  12. In glove compartment in the upper left corner. Says "TRUNK".
  13. Yes that is the correct service manual for the 3.0 engine. There is one for sale on eBay item number 271539565951 no bids yet and closes tomorrow. Current price is $19.99 and $12.35 shipping.
  14. Depending on your engine determines which service manual you want to get. If you have the 3.0 engine you want the red Bishko manual. If you have the 2.2 SOHC you want the blue manual. If you have the 16V engine either book will work for you as that engine is discussed in both manuals.
  15. Digger, I want to thank you very much. The method to bring back the lettering in the tail reflector works like a champ. I did not paint all letters so the difference (before and after) could be seen. Thanks again. Bob
  16. You don't need to remove the tail light from the car. In the trunk peel back the trunk liner from the velcrow and you will have access to the back side of the tail light. There are 2 light sockets but if you feel it is necessary there are 4 bolts right there to remove the tail light.
  17. Hemi would use a brush with a soft end and insert it into the light after removing the bulb. I would try running it around a bit and then the air compressor as a follow-up to eliminate the dust should work. You may need to add a slight bit of water to the brush followed by a dry towel.
  18. I have to give credit to Hemi for this solution. The inside of the tail light gathers a lot of road dust and needs to be cleaned out periodically. Bob
  19. Digger, What can you recommand for a method to repaint the lettering in the tail reflector? Thanks Bob
  20. Bucky, I don't remember what your VIN was but on the 1989 there were 2 different struts for the tonneau. If you look at "TC's what's the difference" Digger has a picture of his trunk for '89 cabrenet with 2 long struts. One for the trunk and the other for the tonneau. On the white '90 the strut is harder to see but it connects at the same place as the trunk strut. Larrry Carlson of TC Parts has struts for about $25 for hood, trunk, tonneau and storage compartment. Bob
  21. Hemi is absolutely correct. I have cut and pasted below from my notes about the car. Production of 1989 models was started in September 1988 and ran through July 1989 totaling 3,764 units. The 1990 models were built from August through December of 1989 and totaled 1,900 units. The remaining units, 1,636 were built as 1991 models from January 1990 through build-out on April 10, 1990. Total production amounted to 7,300 units. In regard to the sequence number, the production plant actually made the decision on the starting number for each model year. Once initiated, each model year ran sequentially. Name plaques on dashboards were numbered sequentially by the engraver in Italy and have nothing to do with any numbers on the car. If a person purchased a car and sent off for their name plaque immediately, they would have a low number. I also included the piece about the name plaque from my notes. From my personal knowledge the first couple hundred cars were destroyed as they were not to the liking of Chrysler and Maserati. Somehow there were a few cars that managed to sneek pass the crusher.
  22. Here is a picture of the materials I believe the dealer was to give to the owner.
  23. Keith, Here is what I did. Got motor from Harbor Freight for $80 after discounts, $129 before any discount. Will lift 400 pounds (hardtop weights 85 lbs.). Has a remote control that is really not remote but connected by power cable. I would do it again as it worked out great. I needed to spend more time lining up the center of the car with the motor. Motor is not directly over head but works. Got a set of tie down straps and put 1 on each corner of the top. You have to adjust the length to keep the top level. In the back slipped those straps over pull down pegs. On the front slipped straps over the lock down with the handle open so that it doesn't slide off. Total expenses were $121. Bob P.S. what part of the country do you live in?
  24. I have attached 3 pictures. The first one is somebodies sloppy attempt at covering the ugly underside of the hood. The second picture is of the hood liner used in the 1989 cars. The third picture is the liner used in the 1990 and 1991 cars. I think that if you could locate a liner from a 90 or 91 that would work great.
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