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  1. The hot pink cars were popular in the late 50's with a second color of black or gray. The 56 Ford was popular and then there was the 1957 Desoto Fireflite convertible which sold today at Mecum for $100,000.
  2. And then there is the story 4 years ago when you borrowed my triple black TC and drove to visit an old friend up the rode and the head light switch burnt out and you could not drive back to my house.
  3. pesd, The date the table was last published to the AACA was 12/20/2019 and as of that date you had not informed me of your VIN number. I can assure you that it is in the table currently. If you look back you provided your VIN on May 30 2019. Bob
  4. I will be out of town but get any updates in to the VIN table and I will send out a revision the first of the year.
  5. WOW!!! We will soon see who got the parts when they start showing up on eBay. Reminds me of the story Buddy Hackett told on the Johnny Carson show where he was golfing and drove the ball into the woods. He striped down and came running out of the woods yelling, LOCUST, LOCUST LOCUST.
  6. JFrank has done an excellent job in describing his vehicle. I would like to add/clarify a couple items. The A/C has been converted to R 134. The small trim pieces missing are the end caps that go on the stainless steel, there are 2 missing from each side. Third brake light does not work. Both port holes have the typical air intrusion between the 2 pieces of glass. The antenna is not the factory power antenna. I have added more good also. The driver seat does not have the typical hole in the leather where your left butt cheek rides. The cover over the instrument cluster has been replaced with new matching leather and at first I did not know but there is no French stitching on the leading edge. The engine runs great and looks like it has a new alternator and starter. It is hard to find a TC with a complete through examination as this car has received and honest evaluation. I would consider buying it if I didn't already have 8 of them. Bob
  7. Sometimes I think sellers are out there reading the AACA and like magic the item shows up on ebay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Storage-Box-Lid-Lift-Support-Sachs-SG414003-fits-89-91-Chrysler-TC-Maserati/154144646756?fits=Make%3AChrysler&epid=79369439&hash=item23e3bca664:g:SUwAAOSwHWJbmnJJ
  8. Nile, I was researching where to buy Goo Gone and it appears they have multiple products ranging from grill and grate, latex paint, pro power, etc.. Which product did you use? Thanks, Bob
  9. You will need a metal coat hanger at least 12 inches long. Put a hook on one end and reach into the grill about 1 - 2 inches to the right and above the logo on the grill. You will probably need a flashlight so that you can see what you are doing. Reach the coat hanger into the grill and hook the lever in the picture pointed to by the arrow and pull toward the grill. It does not need a hard pull and it will release the secondary latch.
  10. Ken, Your Royal Cabernet and Bordeaux interior are beautiful. I have only seen one other that looks this nice in the color combinations and that was at a National TCA Meet in Reno. From 10 feet the opera window looks like it is the third version and I don't see any cloudiness. The etching around the edge looks uniform which is the signature of the third version. Your application has been received and I know that Karleen has already responded to you. Take Wild Bill's advice on the Leatherique products and it will keep your interior soft and beautiful for a long time. This vehicle is definitely show material. On second thought it is award winning material. Sincerely, Bob, TC America, Inc., Membership Administrative Manager, Florida Regional Director
  11. My first hope was to remove a wind shield when a TC is in the junk yard. I would save it off should the time come to replace one. I would guess that if I had a replacement that SafeLight would us mine. LKQ charges $40 for a wind shield.
  12. If there is some one out there that has replaced a TC wind shield, would you please provide the rest of us with detail instructions on removal and installation. Don't assume anything as far as parts and tools needed for the task. Thank You. Bob
  13. I see the red/ginger V6 you are looking at. When you take the headlights also take the turning lights next to the headlights. The amber lights in the fascia and it requires an Allen wrench from the bottom side. Pop the tonneau cover and remove the pull down like Nile said (5 nuts and electric to unplug). Right brake light looks good, lense from third brake light (be careful can break easy). Look in storage compartment for umbrella and anything else, same for console and trunk. It is surprising what can be found. Wheel center caps and end caps from the stainless steel. Wish I was there to help you rape and pillage. Bob
  14. I do have another bulb number for the tail lights #1156 but I have also found that the #2057 is a very tight fit and if the plastic tail light socket might have melted slightly causing the bulb to be scary to get out. Not sure about the size of #1156 or if I have ever used it just have that number written in my service manual.
  15. The other 2 are from the bottom side of the cluster cover. You will also have to remove the head light switch knob.
  16. After about an hour searching thru the service manual I finally found this on page 14-24 of the red manual (same page for blue manual). If the problem is repaired or ceases to exist, the SMEC cancels the Fault Code after 50 to 100 ignition key on/off cycles. I wanted to make this its own thread as it applies to multiple cases.
  17. I would be reluctant to buy the one as you can read on the unit that it is 1000 PSI. I would bet that if you could read the marking on the other you would see that it also is 1000 PSI.. I you look at your factory accumulator you will see it read 2000 PSI.
  18. The door switch was my first suggestion but I ask the owner and the door is not causing the dinging as he is driving down the street and turns on the lights while driving and the dinging starts. That's why I want to think it is something in the head light switch.
  19. This is a 1989 VIN 203279 SOHC. When the car is being driven and the head lights are turned on the chime starts and continues until the head lights are turned off. Any body have any ideas. It makes it sound like something is connected into the head light switch but the car has not had any special wiring done on it like an alarm or radio swap.
  20. Reaper1, To the best of my recollection when I saw the car, the steering wheel did not have an air bag. Being the Bordeaux interior they did not have that interior after 1989. This TC is in your part of the country. It has 26K miles on it. Pretty ride. G&G
  21. Here is one more version of the table that I created. D.L. I looked thru our table on VIN's and did not find any red/black/tan. Build Stats Engine/Transmission 1989 1990 1991 Totals Turbo II - A413 3,377 3,377 V6 - A604 1,787 1,635 3,422 16V - 5 Speed 387 114 501 Totals 3,764 1,901 1,635 7,300 Exterior Colors By Year 1989 1990 1991 Totals White 1 477 528 1,006 Cabernet 1,454 1,454 Red 1,344 474 409 2,227 Yellow 965 474 304 1,743 Black 476 394 870 Totals 3,764 1,901 1,635 7,300 Interior Colors By Year 1989 1990 1991 Totals Bordeaux 649 1 650 Ginger 3,115 948 818 4,881 Black 952 817 1,769 Totals 3,764 1,901 1,635 7,300 Exterior Interior Top Engine Emission 1989 1990 1991 Totals White Bordeaux Black 16V 49 states 1 1 White Ginger Black T2 49 states 1 1 White Ginger Tan V6 California 52 83 135 White Ginger Tan V6 49 states 172 228 400 White Ginger Tan 16V California 3 3 White Ginger Tan 16V 49 states 10 10 White Black Black V6 California 51 67 118 White Black Black V6 49 states 173 150 323 White Black Black 16V California 4 4 White Black Black 16V 49 states 11 11 Cabernet Bordeaux Black T2 California 176 176 Cabernet Bordeaux Black T2 49 states 405 405 Cabernet Bordeaux Black 16V California 15 15 Cabernet Bordeaux Black 16V 49 states 53 53 Cabernet Ginger Black T2 California 157 157 Cabernet Ginger Black T2 49 states 307 307 Cabernet Ginger Tan T2 California 102 102 Cabernet Ginger Tan T2 49 states 158 158 Cabernet Ginger Black 16V California 12 12 Cabernet Ginger Black 16V 49 states 40 40 Cabernet Ginger Tan 16V California 6 6 Cabernet Ginger Tan 16V 49 states 23 23 Red Ginger Black T2 California 406 406 Red Ginger Black T2 49 states 375 375 Red Ginger Tan T2 California 160 160 Red Ginger Tan T2 49 states 300 300 Red Ginger Black 16V California 17 17 Red Ginger Black 16V 49 states 61 61 Red Ginger Tan 16V California 8 3 11 Red Ginger Tan 16V 49 states 17 10 27 Red Ginger Tan V6 California 51 53 104 Red Ginger Tan V6 49 states 171 138 309 Red Black Black V6 California 50 59 109 Red Black Black V6 49 states 174 159 333 Red Black Black 16V California 4 4 Red Black Black 16V 49 states 11 11 Yellow Ginger Black T2 California 156 156 Yellow Ginger Black T2 49 states 378 378 Yellow Ginger Tan T2 California 111 111 Yellow Ginger Tan T2 49 states 185 185 Yellow Ginger Tan V6 California 51 36 87 Yellow Ginger Tan V6 49 states 171 105 276 Yellow Ginger Black 16V California 18 18 Yellow Ginger Black 16V 49 states 56 56 Yellow Ginger Tan 16V California 11 3 14 Yellow Ginger Tan 16V 49 states 50 10 60 Yellow Black Black 16V California 4 4 Yellow Black Black 16V 49 states 11 11 Yellow Black Black V6 California 50 34 84 Yellow Black Black V6 49 states 174 129 303 Black Black Black V6 California 51 64 115 Black Black Black V6 49 states 169 155 324 Black Black Black 16V California 4 4 Black Black Black 16V 49 states 11 11 Black Ginger Black V6 California 27 44 71 Black Ginger Black V6 49 states 153 104 257 Black Ginger Tan V6 California 26 26 Black Ginger Tan V6 49 states 21 27 48 Black Ginger Black 16V California 2 2 Black Ginger Black 16V 49 states 6 6 Black Ginger Tan 16V California 1 1 Black Ginger Tan 16V 49 states 5 5 Totals 3,764 1,901 1,635 7,300
  22. Made in Switzerland by a company named Wenger.
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