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  1. David, I need the passenger side stainless steel/chrome arm rest on the top of the door. Also need all 4 fender support brackets from under the car. If you have these parts, please contact me at monde@gte.net. I have pictures of the brackets and instructions to remove them. Thanks Bob F.
  2. Hemi, I took one full turn out of the black plastic hood stops and it works perfectly. Cheapest fix I ever made to the car. And also thanks for the light you sold me a couple of months back. Bob French
  3. I thought I had a problem with my release lever also but figured out it is the spring under the hood in that it is not strong enough to pop the hood up. When in the car and pulling the lever it does not pop up but if I have assistance that lifts the hood I can then use the safety catch to release it all the way. When by myself I pull the lever out and put a wedge behind it so that it does not return to is normal position and I can then get out of the car and lift the hood enough to use the safety release. Bob
  4. Mike, This is Bob French in Tampa, email me at monde@ge.net. I am looking for a couple other parts you may have access to if the TC has not been crushed yet. Thanks, Bob French
  5. I have purchased some items from Mike and found delivery time to be fast, he holds true for combining items and reducing the cost and highly accurate description of the items. I had a similiar experience with a seller in California that he took parts off a car, I asked him about additional parts being available and the yard had sent the car off for crushing. What a shame for this limited number made car. If you need any thing don't wait.
  6. I got lucky as both my TC's are V6. Thanks ghosty.
  7. I have the red service manual and looked at the blue service manual and many pages look identical. What is the difference between the 2 manuals?
  8. I have attached 2 pictures from the TC Service Manual. The picture on the left in the lower left corner addresses fuse # 12 and the second picture in the middle of the page shows fuse # 15. You may want to save these pictures to your computer so that you can edit them and enlarge the picture for reading. If you have a problem contact me at monde@gte.net.
  9. You can do a 'Reply to Thread' and on the tool bar above the text you enter is an ICON that if you move the cursor over it the words 'Insert Image' will appear. It looks like s small picture with a dot on each corner connected by a line forming a square.
  10. I just saw this item for sale on eBay in case you are interested. 190771532451 it is the tonneau and top switches in ginger. If you have another color you can change out the ginger to your colored piece.
  11. I hope the attached picture works out for you. The opening for the tire iron is behind the carpet at the white "U" shaped area in the center of the picture.
  12. I'm not sure what wrench you are using but the tire iron for the car can be used through a hole in the trunk to release or lock down the top by either turning clockwise or counter-clockwise, I forget which way is which. I would check the switch to see if it is sending a signal forward to the motors to lock or unlock. You can hear them click when it is successful. If the switch is bad you may be able to replace it with a new Dorman Switch 901-401 on eBay. If it is not the switch the items below are for sale on eBay that you might want to look into for the fix. item number: 320840561423 - convertible top switch tonneau & top camel item number: 320844905167 - passenger side hard top lock electric item number: 220949831760 - driver side hard top lock electric Hope this helps. Bob
  13. This is a labor intensive job. My mechanic said that mine is bypassed and to replace it would be $700. The core cost about $50 and the rest is labor at a friendly rate ($45 / hr.). Fortunately I live in Florida and it is low on my priority list of things to fix. Go to your local library and get the 'Chilton Manual for Chrysler Front Wheel Drive Cars 6-cyl 1988-95 Repair Manual #20384' page 6-10 talks about removal and installation.
  14. eBay has a nice looking 2.2 Turbo for sale for $780 in California. Do a search on item number 261050571360. Good Luck. This engine is a 8 valve. The 16 valve is the higher horsepower Maserati engine with the 5 speed manual tranny.
  15. Thanks for your solution Bob. I am going to attempt to solve the problem from the back side. The screws used are only 1/2 inch long and the screw shafts are 1 inch high so I am going to see what using a longer screw will accomplish, as I still have half of the shaft in height and a part of the shaft still is the correct height (but a screw would not have the full circle to bite into). I have also thought about using like a metal gas line to slip over the shaft and glue that down for added support for the correct height of the shaft. Bob
  16. Hi Bill, I am working on documentation as I go, along with pictures (ie. the one in an earlier reply). I will not have it completed for a couple of months but when it is finish I will make it available on this site and publish my email address should anyone want to receive it that way. This TC was not in the best of shapes when I bought it. My first TC spoiled me as it won 'Overall Best of Show' my first time out, out of 324 cars. That's why the yellow one is in the garage and the red on is on the driveway. Yes, I'm re-attaching the power seat buttons, checking all the lights so that they are working before I put it back together, put a new cigarette lighter in already and the lid on the ashtray needs to be re-attached and re-attached a missing spring from one side of the ashtray lid. Bob
  17. I will assume you are referring to TC Club of America. The URL is Home
  18. My TC Toy, I would like to thank you for your assistance in removing my console. I was able to remove the console without removing the seats but I don't believe I will be able to put it back without removing the seats. That's okay because I think I will have the carpet cleaned by 'Stanley Steamer' while all that stuff is out. I am putting together detailed sequencial notes of what to do to remove the console in case anyone else might want to perform this task, I can pass along the instructions. Sincerely, Bob
  19. Thanks Mr. Ghostly for your reply. I removed the passenger kick panel next to the left foot. I then slipped the carpet out of the way and saw what could be called an access panel. It looks like I need to loosen/remove the nut in the center of the white plastic piece in the center of the photo and then remove the green cable that is slipped over a peg on the gear shift lever. I moved the gear shift lever and watched the green cable move. Your thoughts!! Thanks again.
  20. In an attempt to remove the console I have first removed the "H" shaped piece in front of the gear shift lever and below the radio. Then I see a tag that reads "IF EQUIPPED WITH AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION: GEAR SHIFT INDICATOR CABLE MUST BE DISCONNECTED THROUGH RIGHT SIDE ACCESS PANEL BEFORE REMOVING CONSOLE.". I am now lost as to where this access panel is and what it is I am going to be removing. Help please!! Thanks.
  21. Steven, Please don't let them crush the car. Parts are becoming more and more difficult to find for those trying to put these car back together after damage has occurred. I need some parts if you want to do a little wrenching? Let me know. Bob
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