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  1. Where can I get a list of the vehicles on the show field at the Auburn Special Event?
  2. I'm looking for Studebaker wood spoke artillery wheels complete with tire rims. I only need one but will do more if the price is right. They fit a 5.50/6.00x19 tire. It has ten spokes. The wheel itself is 18" in diameter and the tire rim is 19"x 3". The outside diameter of the tire rim is 21 1/2". I can be contacted at
  3. Larry, Thanks for the help but the wheel you show is not like the one I need for my '31 Studebaker. Again, Thanks for the help. Ray
  4. Hello Jason, Are the wooden spoked wheels for the 1931 Studebaker still available?
  5. I'm looking for '31 studebaker wood wheels. By some chance do you still have them?
  6. Can someone send me a picture and dimensions of what the wood spoke wheels should look like on a 1931 Studebaker commander. I have 2 different styles. One style has a split rim and one has a solid rim. The wheel itself is 18" in diameter. I need to make a set of 4 that match.
  7. Fergus, You may contact me direct at . Ray
  8. Hi Fergus, Thank you for the response. We have a straight 8 four door sedan. I will attempt to attach a picture for you of what I have left of the battery holder. Ours had been cut in half to fit in a longer battery, then riveted in a piece of stainless steel for a bottom. I would have thought buying the correct battery would have been much easier. The first photo is the original 'sling'. The second photo is of a temporary holder for fitting but basically where the battery goes. I think there are two rods missing that would run on either side of the battery and some sort of hold down across the top of the battery.Any info or photos are helpful. Ray
  9. Here's photo of what I have left of the battery holder for the 32 Chrysler 8.
  10. HELP! Can someone tell me what a 1932 Chrysler 8 Sedan battery tray looks like. I have the "sling" but nothing else.
  11. Help! Can someone tell me what the battery tray on a 1932 Chrysler 8 Sedan looks like? I have the "sling" but nothing else.
  12. Help! Can anyone tell me what the battery tray on a 1932 Chrysler 8 Sedan looks like? I have the "sling" but nothing else.
  13. Sorry this response is a little behind. We restored the 1911 Alpena Flyer. It had an engine made by the Hazard[not a good choice of names] Manufacturing Co. It was rated at 35HP. The museum knows of it's existence and is eagerly awaiting it's return home. It left our shop on 6/26/14 and should be home in a day or two. What a home coming!
  14. Thanks Commodore, That diagram was the key. Your help was much appreciated. Ray
  15. Your photo is a step in the right direction. The '67 is very similar to the '69 setup. #1 is the downshift switch, #2 & #3 are the wires to the trans, and #4 slows throttle return rate, I believe. I still need details of the lever and how it's square hole is "clocked" on the lever, the bushing that might go in the carb linkage, and how the watch spring is placed. Can you tell me the name of the Cadillac Forum?