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  1. Thanks Scooter Guy for the quick reply! The reason I asked about the crankshaft size is that mine is actually 1/2" and I found that quite odd. That now raises another question. Since mine apparently is for a washing machine will it work on the Doodlebug if I have it repaired? Does it have similar operating characteristics to the fluid clutches for the DB?
  2. I am new to the group and am glad to have found out that there are others interested in the hobby. I recently obtained an early DBug that has a Briggs and Stratton NP engine. It came with a fluid drive clutch that is broken. It would be nice to find out if anyone repairs these clutches, but my main question has to do with the engine. Can anyone tell me what the diameter of the crankshaft should be for those engines that had a fluid clutch? I am wondering about the diameter at the end of the shaft where the clutch is mounted. Thanks
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