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  1. Hello I have a 1928 1.5 Tons pick up Truck. The car has 6V electrical system and I killed the starter Unsinn a 12 V battery to help to start up the car. now I'm unable to get a replacement here in Germany the starter is a Remy Delco 738H 8012 can anybody help me to find a supplier for a replacement starter? thank you Lothar
  2. Hi Larry Do you have any idea were I can try to find help to find the chassis numbers? Thanks Lothar
  3. Hello My name is Lothar Oleff. I imported the two cars some years ago from Namibia. Both are Rigjt Hand Drivers. And both are in quiete good condition and drivable. I have infos on my importation documents but I can not check the chassis and engine number because I can not find them. Because I want to put them both on the road registerd I need to show the numbers. in addition I do not really trust the infos given in the documents I would like to find out the real facts. In the documents are the following Infos: 1. Green one: Year Built 1927 Chassis No: XGLM5525 Engine: R3685430 2. Black/ brown one: Year Built: 1928 Chassis No: XGAB19121 Engine: RT3844322 I got help from members of this forum for a Dodge Touring - and was very good because finaly I found the stamped in numbers and prooved that infos in the papers where wrong. The car is on the road!! Can anybody help me to find the Chassis identification. Thank you. Lothar
  4. Hey again after long time. And THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Finally I did found the right? number. I'm not so sure but anyway. My Dodge is on the road with all papers needed!! Here you see a picture of an oldtimer tour competition and we did it 4th place:o. You see my wife and a friend of us. I am so happy. Was only possible with your help. Great guys. Now I'm going to start working on the next one (also from Namibia) : Ford model T. See the blue car. I completely revised the engine. Thats done. Now I need to put a new radiator. Thank you again and it was a pleasure to be in this forum Lothar
  5. Good Morning Back in Germany and have done a very nice oldtimer competition tour with my Dodge last Monday. Worked very well. ( The Dodge! ) So I cleaned further like recommended. Looks like myself or somebody before me did the cleaning before to rough and distroyed part of the numbers. Bad enough but is like it is. Now I ask again: Can anybody identify the first 2 digits? Is this a 3 or a 5? So 337-172 or 557 - 172? I believe is a big difference to identify the right year of build, isn't it. Lothar
  6. Many thanks. I'm in Brazil again for the next two weeks. I'm back on the 18th May and will drive the car on the 19th joining an oldtimer tour. After this I'm going to follow your advise and try to identify better. The engine No is: A 737-527 Best regards Lothar
  7. Hello All and thank you. Finaly I got it. I cleaned a few millimetres more back and there it starts. Bad news: Very light and not really to identify. Can be the following numbers: 557-112 567-112 337-112 357-112 537-112 Now I'm somehow lost what to do next. Any idea? The distributor is on the right side. Many thanks again and best wishes Lothar
  8. Hello Pete; Hello Forum Members. Sorry for my silence so long time. I travelled so much so I could not follow your recomendations to find the chassis number. So I stripped the paint completely to the steel in the mentioned area, but no numbers:confused: Any idea what else I can do? I have an engin number. Best regards Lothar
  9. Thanks. I call it 'touring' from now on. Lothar
  10. Hi Bill. You are talking about the "th" in my name. I even did'nt see it:confused:. We have it - like Günther, Walther..., Lothar but do not pronunce it. Sorry for that. Lothar
  11. Yes I'm German. I know my English is not good. But tell me what is funny with the "th". Is this a typical German mistake?:confused: Lothar
  12. Hi Ray. A Londontaxi was my first "OLDTIMER". I bought it during a businesstrip in England and drove it home to Germany. Was not a real oldtimer but was the first car I wanted to have. Here it is.I love it. Lothar Londontaxi
  13. Thank you Dave. I'm going to find the serial number and come back again. Lothar
  14. Thank you Pete. I'm in Brazil for the next two weeks. After return I will surch for the serial number. I'll come again. Lothar
  15. Hello. My name is Lothar, I'm from Germany and in this forum first time. About 10 years ago I've bought this 1928 (??) Dodge in Namibia, brought it to Germany and build it up (roof / interior). The car is driving and it is big fun to be on the road. My problem is only: I have no kind of documentation or specification. I only know it is a 4 cylinder engine. But what are the technical specification? Is there a repair manual available? Where to get spare parts if I need ? I'm looking forwart wether someone can help me to go a step further. Thank you Lothar
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