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  1. Hi Can anyone take a look at this Vintage Drawbridge Traffic Signal Light I'm bidding on? The info listed by the seller is kind of minimal, and what I'm hoping is can anyone tell me where this might be made, and an era. I tried for like 2 hours looking for something similar and I can't find anything? Can anyone date this piece? Or tell me anything else that might help me? I love it but would like some kind of reference to its authenticity, even a pic online maybe or something. Its a great piece though, and I want to use it in my garage. Oh and a maker if anyone knows? Like I didn't see crouse-hinds or anything on it? RARE Vintage Drawbridge Traffic Signal Light Man Cave Architectural Salvage | eBay Thanks Bill
  2. Hi Found this vintage yellow signal, its a hand signal I think, is this used for roads or railroad ya think? Vintage Traffic Signal Yellow Caution Light Wired for Home Use LFE Working Decor | eBay Thanks William