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  1. Hello Fellow Buick enthusiast... I am looking for a chart or help to put my Trim back on the 56 Roadmaster... I have the trim and some of the clips but done know what goes where... Can someone help? Thank you Raz
  2. Hello all... I have a 1956 Buick Roadmaster that I just recently rescued VIN number,7c8035177. It's a 4 door. i understand that some 56 Roadmasters were considered Riviera,s and they carry more valve. How would I know if my Roadmaster is a Riviera? thank you for your help...
  3. Hi Ed, thank you for the info... I will post on the post war page with vin number.. Not sure how to post picture...
  4. It is a 4 door with factory air, PS and PB
  5. I recently rescued a 1956 Buick Roadmaster that I am restoring....how do I know if it is a Roadmaster Riviera or not? thank you
  6. I am still looking for an original 1956 Buick Roadmaster Jack, can anyone help? Thank you so much. Raz
  7. I have the 1956 ROADMASTER trunk letters except for the two "A" and the "E" Is there any interest out there?
  8. hi, which letters are you looking for? I may have all the letters except the 2-"A" and the "E"
  9. Hello Rob, always excited to see fellow Canadians on here... I am originally from Thunder Bay Ontario, worked in Ottawa for a while before moving to the USA in 2005. I worked with a Chef Rob McDonald back in the 80's... If you hear or see a Foot Operated Frame Jack anywhere, please let me know... I am also looking for the "A" and "E" letters for my 56 Roadmaster Trunk.. Thank you, Go Oilers...
  10. Hello and thank you, that is great information... Thank you for the photo, i just saved and printed so I have at my desk. Where can I look? Also I have been lokking high and Low for ROADMASTER trunk Letters for my 56 Roadmaster... Any hints? Thank you so much for your help Chef O
  11. hi,I have a 56 Roadmaster.... i am looking for a Jack and lug wrench, ROADMASTER trunk letters and the inner clear tail lights. let me know if you can help. cheforazio@gmail.com
  12. Hello, do you have the JAck and Lug wrench that I can buy? I have a 56 Roadmaster and I beleive that would be the same Jack and Lug wrench as the 55. let me know... Thank You
  13. Hello and thank you for your help... I am looking for the following for my 56 Buick Roadmaster... Please Help.... ROADMASTER trunk letters.... Front Fender orniment..... Jack and Lug Wrench... Please call me asap if you can help 817 269-8259... RAZ
  14. Hi Jeff, I am also looking for the ROADMASTER trunk letters...let me know if you hear anything. raz 817 269-8259
  15. Hello, i recently bought a 1956 Buick Roadmaster to restore and enjoy... I am having a real hard time finding a few pieces to finish. I am looking for the R-O-A-D-M-A-S-T-E-R letters for the back trunk, I actually only need the missing R-O-A-A-S-E. Also looking for air cleaner assembly, perhaps a solution for the Oil Bath. Tail lights, trunk Lock, ornimate for front fenders. CAN YOU HELP? THANK YOU SO MUCH. Chef Orazio
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