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  1. Definitely a 1934-1937 Cad V16, info from United Motors Delco Catalog #101.
  2. Rear license plate holder chrome center section and light (no wings) with perfect glass. Glass has # 593 153 2, casting has #593 150 2. Perfect glass, chrome lamp casting is good but pitted, cast metal back plate seems to have chip out of right side (is it missing support for wings?). (See pictures) $50 including shipping to US.
  3. Here is a photo of the back of the hub (sorry about the shadows):
  4. Two 19" wire wheels, tire size 3.5 to 4", 60 spoke (adjustable), 5 bolts on 5.5" circle, 6.5" hubcap opening, 3.5" axle opening, 9.6" hub back diameter. No lock rings. No missing or broken spokes, but Rusty - probably need new nipples (see photos) which can be supplied by Buchanan Wheel. Can't identify -( from Hollander's could be 1928-1931, Chrysler, deSoto, DeVaux, Elcar, Erskine, Essex, Franklin, Graham, Hupp, Marmon, Moon, Nash, Plymouth, Roosevelt, Studebaker, Willys). If someone can tell me what they are, would appreciate it. Yours for $50 plus
  5. Jon et al, I had the same problem with my '33 1242 after a ring job (yes, the gaps are ok). We did 3 things to make sure we got good voltage at the starter: 1) Pulled the starter and turned the commutator on a lathe for a uniform contact surface, 2) bypassed the security/shutoff switch, and 3) changed from a 2-year old Optima battery to the biggest standard lead-acid battery we could fit in the box. Problem solved. (I have 3 concerns about recent Optima batteries both for quality control, and the fact that they only have 50 amp-hour capacity, versus the prescribed 150+ amp-hour
  6. In my high school days, 4 of us would each take a corner of a BMW Isetta, and carry it a block away.
  7. OK, after a little research, I read about the Packard one-off. Didn't make it to production, though.
  8. Sorry, I don't believe any mfr ever made a straight twelve (crankshaft nearly impossible).
  9. That's "Sunny" Jim Rolphe, governor of California (1930). Here's another picture, taken from the "Pierce-Arrow News" (company newspaper) December 6, 1930, showing a clearer view of the lights situation (including 2 red ones).
  10. 1934 Brunn Pierce Towncar in Brunn frame - can you spot the reversal?
  11. Ed- I always thought that FDR's '33 Pierce was a 1247 LeBaron Conv Sedan, but this pic shows only two door hinges, meaning it's a 1242, and probably a 7-p touring.
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