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  1. After advertising for a 1933 Pierce-Arrow headlight switch, I received an email from RayMax@gmail.com, stating he has '1933 Pierce-Arrow parts, "email me for more details". I replied "please describe in detail what you have, pictures are helpful." He replied: "Here is the attached picture of my 1933 Pierce-Arrow. I²mbreaking this car for parts because of my health problem as I need to sell the caron time to raise funds to take care of my health problems.I want youto send me the list of parts that you are after , so that I can giveyou prices for them .I will also need your exact delivery
  2. Ed, thanks for the opportunity to clear things up. I seem to remember it the other way 'round ...at that 2015 Pebble, I snapped this pic of you entertaining 4 ladies, telling them all about 'your' Packard and how much work you had to do to it !!! Cheers ! Uncle Bob
  3. Ed & George, you brought a smile to my face (actually laughed out loud). Actually, I prefer In-n-Out Burgers, and I'll treat you both there or at Carmel Coffee Roasters when we meet at Pebble Beach. That is, if I have any spare cash after work on the 1242 Pierce, the '38 Buick, the '22 Stutz and the '54 Jaguar (all in and out of shops last year and this for everything from new carbs, new tops to complete brake systems and crankshaft turning). Happy Valentine's Day. BTW - I might be wearing a new hat.
  4. Hi Guys, My throttle lever rotates on the Stromberg AAV-1 throttle shaft on my 1938 Buick Special. The staking has failed, permitting slop (about 20*) between the shaft and lever. A solid throttle shaft/lever assembly (Stromberg # P-23332) would be much appreciated, instead of having to machine new parts. A parts carb or throttle body assembly would be great, too. Picture attached of needed lever part of assembly (shaft hidden behind paper towel). Thanks, Bob Jacobsen bobjacobsen@sbcglobal.net 650-967-9310
  5. Hi Matt, Your header project looks great. I am replacing manifold gaskets on my 1938 Buick Series 40 convert, and will be trying Remflex gaskets (since my intake and exhaust manifolds are about .016 out of flat, even after adjusting the heat box bolts). My question is, do you recommend a graphite slurry like on copper gaskets (so the manifold can slide well) or is the graphite material of the Remflex sufficiently slippery to not have to use any? Thanks, Bob Jacobsen
  6. Definitely a 1934-1937 Cad V16, info from United Motors Delco Catalog #101.
  7. Rear license plate holder chrome center section and light (no wings) with perfect glass. Glass has # 593 153 2, casting has #593 150 2. Perfect glass, chrome lamp casting is good but pitted, cast metal back plate seems to have chip out of right side (is it missing support for wings?). (See pictures) $50 including shipping to US.
  8. Here is a photo of the back of the hub (sorry about the shadows):
  9. Two 19" wire wheels, tire size 3.5 to 4", 60 spoke (adjustable), 5 bolts on 5.5" circle, 6.5" hubcap opening, 3.5" axle opening, 9.6" hub back diameter. No lock rings. No missing or broken spokes, but Rusty - probably need new nipples (see photos) which can be supplied by Buchanan Wheel. Can't identify -( from Hollander's could be 1928-1931, Chrysler, deSoto, DeVaux, Elcar, Erskine, Essex, Franklin, Graham, Hupp, Marmon, Moon, Nash, Plymouth, Roosevelt, Studebaker, Willys). If someone can tell me what they are, would appreciate it. Yours for $50 plus
  10. Jon et al, I had the same problem with my '33 1242 after a ring job (yes, the gaps are ok). We did 3 things to make sure we got good voltage at the starter: 1) Pulled the starter and turned the commutator on a lathe for a uniform contact surface, 2) bypassed the security/shutoff switch, and 3) changed from a 2-year old Optima battery to the biggest standard lead-acid battery we could fit in the box. Problem solved. (I have 3 concerns about recent Optima batteries both for quality control, and the fact that they only have 50 amp-hour capacity, versus the prescribed 150+ amp-hour
  11. In my high school days, 4 of us would each take a corner of a BMW Isetta, and carry it a block away.
  12. OK, after a little research, I read about the Packard one-off. Didn't make it to production, though.
  13. Sorry, I don't believe any mfr ever made a straight twelve (crankshaft nearly impossible).
  14. That's "Sunny" Jim Rolphe, governor of California (1930). Here's another picture, taken from the "Pierce-Arrow News" (company newspaper) December 6, 1930, showing a clearer view of the lights situation (including 2 red ones).
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