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  1. I found a used potter trunk @ a estate sale over the weekend==had all the mldgs, both latches one hinge even the key lock--when i got it open today i was surprised to find the decal logo still intack inside--is there any way to reuse the decal to install in mine-i,ve already restored mine on my 32 Studebaker--thanks for all your help & advise--Tom

  2. I,ve used nail polish foryears as touch up-from my chrome /painted bumpers on my race car to touch up on my 32 Studebaker--just had to be careful which checkout line I used @ the grocery--

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  3. On 11/21/2020 at 4:31 PM, 29hupp said:

    I have lots of friends.  Not sure if they like me or just like all my tools that they borrow.  Some tools I spend hours hunting for when needed first then spend hours trying to remember who may of borrowed them.  I wonder sometimes how often something borrowed gets returned after the lender dies.  


    i just don't have what they want,anymore--it's like having a trailer--

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