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  1. Terry Did you know that a Gardner Web site exists that is managed by Bob Gardner
  2. Rusty Thanks for your reply about secondary balancing I have done a lot of reading in the last weeks but have been un able to find a fix method for the old long stroke engine do you have anything up your sleeve that I can do. It's a bit strange that you mention about the secondary balance because two of our club fellow members talked about the speed of the vibration when looking at the car with me they thought the vibration was faster than engine rpm' that was before you put up your reply . It was also suggested that the exhaust could be causing part of the problem so I fitted a flexible joiner and mounted the rest of the system on rubber straps. But nothing changed. I still haven't had any contact with a fellow Lycoming owner they must be out there.
  3. Like Bud has said in previous reply I have been rowing fairly hard but have only found a few things to try which I will be doing this week. I was hoping that a Lycoming owner may have come forward but not yet I have made a request through the Gardner registery that may bring up something else.
  4. I will check that out that will be an easy check
  5. The feller that has carried out the engine re build has been building race car engines for the last 30 or so years. Really has him stumped that is why I am looking for other ideas. I have a few new things to try and check which I will do next week. I would love to talk to another owners with 4cylinder lycoming engines and hav a listen to them running.
  6. When I purchased the car it was very complete car although the body had no wood left in if from the white ants eating it all out and a seezed up engine. The car had changed hands and I don't know of the previous owners. I did think that this thread would may be stir some owners of lycoming engines to put up a hand or two and give an opinion from running the vehicle they may own but nothing and I don't know any other owners to go and have a listen to
  7. Thanks I don't know if the new Pistons weigh the same as the old ones I have not checked that but new aluminium replaced old aluminium. The crank is externally balanced
  8. Yep all re checked the second time
  9. The running gear was all removed no clutch or pressure plate and yes the flywheel has been checked for run out I am really thinking that I should not have had it balanced. is there a smooth running 4 cylinder lycoming out there that does run they were fitted to a lot of other vehicles besides Gardner.
  10. Thanks for your reply the flywheel has been balanced with the crank the original aluminium Pistons have been replaced with aluminium again and it only has a flat belt pully on the front I would not call it a harmonic balancer pulley I have just read a bit about harmonic balancer. Ian
  11. Well I thought I would through this up again The CE Engine in my Gardner still giving me problems with Vibration The engine has been removed from the car again and pulled down for the second time, every thing that can be checked has been checked. The crank and fly wheel have been re balanced all pistons and rods checked for weight Every possible part that needs to be checked for run out has been checked. With all the drive train removed it starts to vibrate at about 1000 rpm's. I have remounted the engine on rubber mounts that has helped mask the problem but not fixed it. I must add that it has no miss firing on any cylinders and idles real nice. Is it possible that the engine should not of been balanced? Is there somebody with a 4 cylinder that is going that can help with a reply and a report on how smooth it runs. Ian
  12. I am not sure when you put up the picks of your Gardner but I thought I would show you a pick of mine in Australia
  13. I have just finished the full restoration on a 1923 Gardner motor car. I have had to remove the engine again looking for a bad vibration like it is out of balance. The engine man that is looking for the balance problem has ask if I had a manual about the lycoming CE engine. Does any body out in this wide world have a manual.
  14. I am in the process of checking the other makes of vehicles with the lycoming engine. Found nothing yet. My oil pump is made of cast iron it came from a international truck with the same engine. I made new gears for it before putting the engine together
  15. I have a 1923 Gardner Motor car I have just finished a full restoration on the car and I have had to pull the engine down again because it has a very bad vibration. The engine man has ask me if I had any information on the valve timing and assembly information which I don't. Does any body out there have a work shop manual or information that may help with reassembly of the 4 cyl Licoming engine:confused::confused: Ian
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