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  1. Thanks, I really appreciate it. Now that the mystery is solved, I tried a preliminary search looking for one of these bodies, or a remanufactured steel one... Ooof. I guess there goes that pipe dream of building one like it..! I'll still look from time to time.... I could be wrong, but looks a little simpler and more fun than my last project. It would be a neat build with my son in the future... Thanks again!
  2. Hi everyone. I just joined, and posted some pics in the Chevrolet section of my last project. It occurred to me that this would be the natural place to ask for some input, and I'm very grateful for any thoughts you might have. Below is a picture I scanned, that I inherited, of my grandfather in 1923 at Antioch college... He has long since passed. My mother had shown me this picture some years ago, and said this was, of course, his car, but she didn't know what it was. I had forgotten about the picture until I found it stored upstairs in my parents' house after they passed. Could you please give me any insight as to what it is? I somehow flipped the image, so this is really the right side of the car... Thank you very much in advance.
  3. and a couple previous pics.. interior. Thanks for looking!
  4. That was a severely truncated/ shortened view of the last 18 months of a frame off restoration.... What you did not see were the professionals who helped me to get it to this point. It was definitely a learning experience, and a real education about what constitutes professionalism, and thereby trust. I have some newer pictures, and I am nearly mechanically done with this car. A little fine tuning, and getting the all new convertible top to work as it should are my last concerns.... I can't wait to enjoy this car with the newborn coming soon, and the beautiful wife whohas supported me when she knew I initially couldn't hardly turn a wrench.... his thing is really incredible.... 375 hp application (for a 396, same year) roller cam and lifters, with the hardened valve seats to run on this garbage we call gas.... I just put 10 gallons of Turbo Blue 110 in my car-- drove across the river to the only people I know regulated and licensed to sell it.. right at $6 a gallon.... But it is worth $2 more than the garbage we use daily....
  5. At this point, I had moved the car to a friend's shop, further recommended to me by, well, everyone I knew. Good work was done, in a lot of areas...
  6. Mind you, I have the better part of 1000 pictures to validate everything done, correct, and corrected.... I'm just wanting to share this as an education of sorts.. and I hope our kids will care as much about this stuff as we do...!
  7. That was in the meantime..... Btw,painted with true, original GM chassis paint, NOS, from a GM dealer in Virginia...This paint was a special gift from MR. Bruce Brown of Brown Bros. Cadillac, who is truly one of the kindest and best men that God's distribution of DNA ever created...and yes, he is a friend of mine.
  8. So, we went to work, with the guidance of a recommended fellow out of Florida... We did good work together, but we ran out of talent, and needed some additional help... Still glad for the education.... Mind you, I'm consolidating the timeline and efforts....
  9. More pics... This was a bucket list item for me, so please forgive the quantity of photos... I have well over 1000 from start to finish... AndI still have some minor window and top issues to resolve....
  10. So. I was once told by a much wiser man, that if i was going to attempt a frame off restoration on a car, it had better be the right car... And I think I did. An original, California car, that I bought, and service documentation supports, to have been a 43k car.. It just looked original and solid, but sad. I confirmed all of the numbers on the motor, but the engine had been painted blue, and the transmission (also retaining the vin stamp) green.... I have the build sheeet forthis car, btw, and have saved all relevant items. I replaced that bogus Holley and setup with the correct Rochester. I had that original and vin stamped Muncie M20 rebuilt , and that's the original shifter. I guess you know that that's the original console,as they don't make a replacement. I have changed some things, but I have retained everything original to this car, and eventually, though not soon will be sold with it. I gave it a complete frame off restoration, top to bottom, no screw or nut spared, that I can possibly imagine. I gave it HEI. ( I have the original points set-up). I gave it power front dic brakes (came with the car in boxes from "The Right Stuff Detailing"-- super application, very proud to have it...) I gave it air conditioning, from the "Perfect Fit" Classic Auto Air Company..... I gave it power steering. I have everything from the original pitman arm, manual steering box, to the original drums, to the original points, which I have saved... I didn't make the Impala. I just made it respectfully better. Oh, that's also why I put on the open element 427 breather, though I have that choked up single snorkel.... Pics following...
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