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  1. no power brakes, it's gotta be some extra cylinder she had in the shop or something.. no worries, thanks.
  2. Hi Douglas, PM sent yesterday. Give me a call when you can. Thank you. Roman
  3. Deleted. So you guys don't have the silver cylinder on your cars and I should just disregard it as a extra part I was given with the pile of my parts, ok? Back to the heater/defroster box.... can't find it anywhere so far. I'll run it as is I guess... good thing I'm in so cal, rarely need heater. I got the one under seat but not sure it works. I replaced the one on firewall and it works, but no core... Worst case scenario, a makeshift box with other aftermarket core would work as well, right?
  4. What I have inside is this. It's bolted to the side firewall. I'm missing this I didn't know I was missing it. The hose from heater valve goes back to radiator as of now. Under dash I have everything complete, working order but the core and box must have been taken out. It makes all good sense now because under there was the only spot with little rust on floor, everywhere else the floor was fabulous....
  5. Ok, so I'm missing an important part of the heating system. .. here we go again. Anyone out there has or know of a spare??? Thank you.
  6. Like Willie said, rest of the parts are waiting their turn, I have them. I had the PCV valve going on originally, Willie is right again.... didn't get my original valve covers and so I'm not planning to do that. In fact, I looked the other day and I couldn't find the other plug for the PCV hose I still have. Where did it plug originally, on the carb somewhere?? I have 2 pictures of the motor before it was disassembled and I can't tell where it's going. I did try to search for new power steering hoses... sounds like they cannot be bought, only custom made, is that right?? Will look into that. Brakes on this car have been done few years ago, most rubber all around looks replaced not too long ago. Car was daily driver until 2008. Thanks for the tips!!
  7. I installed everything today; waiting for the shop guys to sort out their stuff and we're ready to fire up. Many thanks to Willie, Mudbone and JohnD who offered parts just for shipping! Please accept some beer-money nevertheless. Cheers and thank you very much! Roman
  8. We just's a picture of what I have in it, I just placed it there loosely, bolted the accelerator linkage to the 'Y' bracket and all that seems to be missing is the upper arm for the rod that stick out at this point. Thank you very much, Roman
  9. Update as of 9/25/13: Got brakets from Willie only to realize I'm missing the essential part of that setup - the big arm that holds the kickdown rod {only got lower braket that holds the arm - didn't know it was a 2-piece part until I got the bracket}. Anyone out there has one, please let me know. Unlike the other parts, this is a must-have. All other parts have been found with Mud and JohnD1956 Thank you very much.
  10. Anybody watch out for member 'ecool' , He was one of the first guys to offer help with parts I'm looking for. Asked for MoneyGram payment to England and when asked for pictures of the parts he said he had, he stopped communicating. His name and email are Phillip McCord <> - it lead to discovery of spam report from another {Porsche} forum .. be on the look out. THX to all the legit guys who are trying to help me. Roman
  11. Update on Friday 9/20/13: Willie "old tank" to the rescue as always . Spoke with him and am getting the linkage brackets as we speak, thank you Willie! I'm still on the hunt for the flywheel dust cover, 'inspection' plate on Dynaflow right next to the dust cover, throttle return spring with bracket, ignition wire brackets and 2 hood bolts. Many of you responded and have promised to check for the parts, here's a fresh list of what I'm looking for {see pictures}. Thank you in advance. And thank you Willie one more time! Roman
  12. Hello, I'm looking forthese miscellaneous/ yet essential parts... anyone has a spare?? Thank you. Roman