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  1. Fifty years ago the owner said "No I don't want to sell it I have big plans to restore it someday". How many times I have heard that said by owners of nice collector cars. Thirty years later I have seen many bull dozed back into the woods to further rot. I wonder how many AACA members are in that same ball park? Not just cars but the same goes with part hoarders. Lash
  2. Here's a Miami FL. guy that was a top salesman for one of the premier Porsche dealerships in the country. He took orders for one of the most sought after factory Porsche models and left with the deposits. Maybe it the Florida cool aid that causing the problem. https://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/community/broward/article235164347.html Lash
  3. I have an original Camaro hood in excellent condition, original color is silver. This hood is for a standard Camaro with no hood scoop etc. Will only transport to Hershey if anyone is interested. I have two spots at Hershey OBJ-3 OBK-3 Lash
  4. I have an assortment of Metropolitan parts that I know someone could use. I no longer have the car and would like to sell these at a very reasonable price. I have two spots at Hershey, Orange Field OBJ 3 and OBK 3 If any one is interested let me know in advance, not sure if I want to transport these parts otherwise. Items: Transmission sun visors air cleaners radio seat springs and lots of miscellaneous items and hardware Lash
  5. Show the auto in the HPOF class, drive it and have fun. Beautiful automobile Lash
  6. Google A1autotransport and check out the reviews https://www.a1autotransport.com/ship-car-to-argentina/ or google shipping autos from Argentina to USA for other choices. Lash
  7. Thanks for the picture of your 65 T-Bird. My very good friend has a 1965 powder blue convertible. I still want to keep looking at this time. Lash
  8. Thanks, I will check it out. BAT is an interesting web site to visit. Lash
  9. As the header states I'm looking for a two door sedan from the early to mid 1960's era. If someone has a car for sale that meets the criteria I posted I would like to here from them. I'm not stuck on one particular make or model. Lash
  10. Very interested in Pontiac's like the 1963-64 Grand Prix, Catalina, 2+2. Oldsmobile's, Buick's, Ford Fairlane's etc. I'm looking for a super nice driver quality, could be older Junior or Senior award recipient. Car that has some mild upgrades but still has the original factory look is acceptable. If you have something you think I would be interested in or know someone that does please send information and pictures. Lash plarowe@morrisbb.net
  11. For Sale 1953 Ford flat head V-8 engine EAB. Engine turns over and is complete. I'm also including the automatic transmission. Engine was running when removed from truck. $675.00 Located in Mills River NC. I would prepare engine for shipping if needed. Lash
  12. Yes, it is either Dayton or Zenith Zenith was sold through a lot of the European new car dealers as optional equipment.
  13. Thanks West, I'm glad Bonham's was contacted concerning their event and home delivery timing issue. KL
  14. Yes, planning to attend Amelia Island's Concours d Alegance is accomplished month's in advance. I would have to say that the marketing and publicity directors for Bonham's might disagree with your primary reasons they advertise in a national publication. again my 2 cents
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