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  1. The '34 Ford would certainly suit my requirements. Does it have roll up windows or is it a roadster? Is it suitable for outings of 20-60 miles in a day, say twenty times a year travelling at a maximum of 55 mph? <o:p</o As to the rumble seat convertible being an appropriate starter car, unfortunately, I am at an age, having just past another ever accelerating year and birthday, that I don't feel I have the time to dedicate to project cars or time to wait to trade up to what one really wants to own. I wanted to limit the expenditure to $40K but I could stretch it further for the ri
  2. Although the Auburn is a great looking vehicle, I think it commands more dollars than I can put together. Also, I do not beleive the car in the movie had the side mounted spare, although, since I am sure it had a rumble seat, I don't know where else a spare could be located. When I stated it had a "V" shaped grill I meant it formed a "V" in the fore and aft direction. I do like the look of the Hudson and will see if that model will fit my budget. Thanks again for everyones efforts.
  3. Curti, Think you may have the answer! Great Looking model! Wonder if any are available and how they run in price compared to others? Don't think I can afford or really want a rare breed as I do want to drive it some in the Summer and I don't feel I want to do the show stuff. THANKS
  4. Thanks for your help with my request. The Hudson is a great looking vehicle though not the one in the movie. No pic as there doesn't seem to be a video available for the movie and when I tried to record the TCM showing, It was short the car scene. However, there seems to be a multitude of great models that would satisfy my visual appetite. So, I may have to select another model and start hunting. Dave, thanks for the pic, the Hudson is real nice and link to IMCDB, where I can start my searching! The Brewster is nice not sure I have ever seen one.
  5. Hi, new to the club and I am interested in making my first antique purchase. I'm hoping someone here may be able to identify a car that was shown in a 1937 RKO movie. The movie is titled "The man who found himself" and was on TCM channel a few days ago. The car seemed to be a 2 door trailing edge hinged" (suicide doors) convertible or roadster with rumble seat and a large "V" shaped grill. There seemed to be a hood ornament atop the nose of the hood plus another just above the grill on the hood nose and just below the upper ornament. I would love to find out the model and see in one is av
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