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  1. Now I have brakes. Now as I am able to drive I have found out that (after replacing back shocks) the car bottoms out on the tire. Seems the coil springs are weak. Are there places to get replacement springs, recondition them like can with leaf springs, of reinforce them? Thanks for any help in this area.

    Bruce Schubert

    1990 TC White/Ginger 3.0

    1964 Chrysler 300 Sport

    1964 Chrysler 300 K Coupe

  2. Thanks to all. Brake project complete. Ran two plus large bottles of brake fluid through the system. Brakes are working like a champ. Lucky for me we have a weekend in the 70's coming up and time off to give a good ride. Again Thanks for all the help. I mean it when I say "couldn't have done it without you all". Got my membership in the TC Club last week. Expect soon to have other questions.


  3. Larry,

    Thanks again I did everything but the flush (haven't driven the car except onto the driveway) will get flushed by my mechanic before I use it next day or two. Unfotunately when I was done we had a front come in with 75 MPH gust (Panhandle of Texas) so will have someone else Flush it for me. Thanks again to everyone here. Hope to meet you all some day at a Meet.

    Any members in Northern Texas?

  4. Just bought a 1990 Chrysler TC with 6 Cylinder drove home from Colorado to the Panhandle of Texas first ABS Light came on then the Brake light came on as I lost peddle. What a way for a newbie to start. Waiting to a Ebay shop manual and lost on how to progress. Help for the simple first checks. Master cylinder shows full. The Chilton I found has nothing. My current cars are 1964 Chyrsler 300, this I understand.

    Thanks for any help.

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