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  1. I am in need of a blower motor resistor for a 1970 buick elektra. ARe there any out there? Thanks, Paul
  2. David, I would suggest Roger Hirt @ Riverside Motors in Montpelier,VT., or Jim and Donna Carlson @ The Swedish Pit in Colchester, VT. I think., or perhaps Boston Volvo Village, in Allston, Ma.. Beyond that, VCOA-volvo club of america might be possibilities. Good luck-I wish I had the space myself. Paul Robinson
  3. Thanks for the quick reply. I went to that website. It is great. But I need additional information regarding the routing of a 4 port vacuum block mounted on the driver's lower side of the firewall. In the 1970 Buick manual group 12-20, figure 12-23 shows the vadcuum hose and control cable installation. Unfortunately, it is not very clear. Can you help with an explanation of the routing of the vac hoses? Another problem is that evidently ter valve is vacuum controlled. What is the vac line connected to from the valve? Thanks, NTX5467
  4. Can anyone help me? I need a picture of the vacuum line diagram for a 1970 Elektra 225. Does such a thing still exist? Thanks, Pauledward:confused:
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