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  1. Thanks for the info. My Buick electra is different from the other you just mentioned with three lines going to the sending unit. It only has two. To the front of the tank and on the top right corner are two breather lines. I do not see any connections going anywhere on it. Thanks again. Randy
  2. Just replaced my 70 Buick Electra gas tank sending unit with another old one for the gas guage to read again. Upon Fillup I noticed a leak not from sending unit lines but on top of the tank. It only leaked upon fillup. Do the 25 gallon tank vent hoses (two different sizes) hook up to anything? We could not find any hook ups for those two hoses on the side. No caps so I put plastic screen over and hose clamped them to keep wasps from building in there. Were there any type of caps in the past that may have fallen off? Thanks Randy P.S. For the future anyone rebuild the 70 buick electra sending unit or sell a new one?
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