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  1. Hi Ian I'm back on forum it's been a while ! And I'm pretty much sorted the 2 gear jumping out when on de-cell it was end play on main shaft ,while it's apart trying to find another synchro ring or assembly it's a T86 with R6 overdrive.
  2. Now looking for synchro rings to suit T-86 3 speed with overdrive R-6.
  3. [ATTACH=CONFIG]239059[/ATTACH]rewoworking shell
  4. I am repairing a damaged tail light shell !
  5. Hi Guys ! Liquid nails sticks extremly well to steel !
  6. I have finally got round to fitting white wall to my existing tyres I qui
  7. Sounds sweet Ian, Have to catch up! I'm begining to forget what u look like LoL
  8. I have a degree wheel that I used for reference ! It is from the days when I used to race cars , now I just cruise ! With more efficiency !
  9. I have a 30U Plymouth sedan complete running and mechanicaly sound comes with spares asking $14,000 has 5 new white wall tyres and tubes 2 are on car, new radiator and chrome shell not on car ,New Mohair material to cover seats and doors , brakes and bearings all new ,can be driven any distance ! Location Port Welshpool Melbourne Australia. Will concider swap or trade for 1934 Dodge or Plymouth.
  10. Hi Dodge KCL ! Now that you mentioned it I dont know which one it is ,although I did test it with some fuel in a tin and it did not react so I am hoping its OK , if not I will do it again , we can always learn by our mistakes Cheers Tony.
  11. Found some pics of my 34 Dodge before it was restored !
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