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  1. Would this one work if I did do the dual brake drum/drum set up? Ebay item # 330816829846
  2. Im going to call booster dewey as well but it sucks as mine will only be given 1/2 credit for a core charge. Im also hoping my mechanic will be ok with the dual set up as I am trying to go these route by just finding a replacement
  3. Thanks Ed, might have to but wow they want a $300 core charge and $207 for a rebuilt one. I have to talk to my mechanic about the specifics. He said there was a vacuum leak and that the internals are too far gone to rebuild. So I just wanted to see from everyone else's experience on time and know how of doing the dual set up. Roughly just wanted to know how long something like this would take and what extra parts are needed. Sure I would want to but he is working on my car as a favor as he doesnt like working on these old cars but I known him for some time. Its really kind of hard sometim
  4. I see that most people use a 1967 booster to run a dual set up but being I am not mechanically inclined I have this at a shop saying they tried to rebuild it but its too far gone. Does anyone know where I can get a booster for the single master cylinder? Or is that much more work to add a dual master cylinder that is drum/drum? Thanks in advance
  5. I see some nos cal custom ones show up on ebay, I bought one but havent installed it yet...
  6. Finally starting to get stuff done on the riv, have a rebuilt engine/trans and now doing the suspension. Found a good guy to deal with on tie rods, especially inner ones that are harder to find but gave new ones to me for $50 a pair and most want double that for one (just in case anyones looking) Then I will be on hold for a while to save up for interior,wheels,paint
  7. Anyone have a 63 rear bumper guard, the piece that goes around the license plate (in case its not called a bumper guard) I need a dent free one that would be good for rechroming. A pic and price would be great, thanks
  8. I have a 63 but it was upgraded to the 400 trans and my mechanic said I need a new mount so I was wondering where to get one as OPG only has one for the 64? Thanks
  9. Thanks for everyones input... I need to make a decision in the next few days
  10. I have read many people say that their quality isnt that good and Jamco takes way too long so I was just wondering if the OPG springs are good as it isnt like a bezel,trim etc that can be screwed up. I want to get 2" lowering spring for the front and rear. I did put in a quote request to Coil Spring Specialties to see what they say. Thanks
  11. I bought some parts off him a while back but lost his number. He is here in CA and drives a orange (63 or 64) with a glittered silver top riv but cannot remember his name. He is the one who told me about this site and gets a subscription of the magazine so I know he is a member Thanks
  12. I think the car is awesome but than again Im not into stock styled cars
  13. Well I guess I was lucky as I just removed the rear seat,side upper back cover and the rear panel and sure enough just put the arm back into the guide and wallah it worked I can see why it went out as the white bushing was missing to keep it nice and tight in there so before I put everything back in place I need to buy a bushing but I saw OPG has two different types listed for a 63? Does anyone know if there is one that is better than the other? Thanks again
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