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  1. Hi all. New here, but great info so far! New to this car also, so I have a couple dumb questions.. 1) Lights - When I hit the brakes, only the 3rd brake light comes on, not the tail that correct? Tail lights seem fine otherwise, turn signals work correctly too... 1a) My front signals work when the turn lever is activated, but otherwise they don't come on with the running lights...should they? 2) My wipers don't work at all. Where is the wiper motor? How do you get to it? Any common issues that I should look at with regards to the wipers? Seems like they may be getting power, as when I turn the switch, the amp meter moves a bit... Thanks! Mark
  2. Hi all-new to the site, and VERY new to classic cars, so bear with me... Recently acquired this car, in very good shape, complete driver, nice looking car. I am learning many things as I go, but have a question (one of many I'm sure...). I believe this car should have a total of 4 forward gears, correct? 2 lo, and 2 hi (1/2 and 3/4), with the car driving like an automatic in lo or hi, and clutch-shifting between lo & hi. So far so good? If so, my question is that my car will not shift into '4th' gear. Auto shift between '1st' and '2nd' no problem, clutch-shift into hi ('3rd') no problem, but no '4th'. Reverse is also fine. What should I be looking at? What I've tried to research so far has lead me in several directions from the carb and some sort of wires to the transmission itself...thoughts? Any and all help is greatly appreciated!