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  1. Ive seen them priced at well over 400.00 in the past. So I think Im going to ask 400.00 Thanks, Doug 269-266-7265
  2. thats part of the streamline speedway. I've found one comparible that only has 1 of the 2 cars for 400.00 on Ebay. Mine has everything including both cars. I would like to get 300.00 for it. Thanks, Doug 269-266-7265
  3. what items are you interestedin? Were in South West Michigan Doug 269-266-7265
  4. Accurate time...excellent condition.....beautiful piece! A couple of old ahooga horns Car ashtrays Marx toy racetrack and cars... Book Self propelled vehicles 1910, Homans Doug lakestreetantiques@comcast.net 269-266-7265
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