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  1. I added pictures to the post located here http://forums.aaca.org/f119/pierce-arrow-parts-sale-338395.html sorry I should have read the directions first but like always I read them afterwards,I am not sure if I should move the whole post here or leave them as they are ,my contact is 813-476-5180 Richard . I have a question on the radio ,it is a model # M14 in the Philco vintage radio site it lists the model as a N14 for Pierce arrow but no mention at all for a M14 ,It does say manufactured for Pierce Arrow Motor Corporation on the tag. Does the M designation maybe designate for military? The rocker switch has distance and local and the turn switch on the top has two positions I could open it up maybe.
  2. That is just sad,I have won bids on E-Bay before and the sellers did not honor the win because they said it did not bring enough money to make it worth their time.Different mindsets I guess.
  3. I will post pics tomorrow in the pm ,I am located in Tampa Fl. I will need help on identity of some of the parts ,I am used to more the 50s and 60s stuff but it seems as I get older I am wanting older cars also. : ) thanks for the input.
  4. I have some boxes of parts ,years unknown. Steering wheel,set of Trico wiper motors,hub caps,rear tail light assembly in really nice shape with a red and ember lenses,dash clock with the holder and some other misc. parts. My question is it better to post the pics here so you guys can take a shot at them I would rather that way then Ebay as some of the prices seem a bit high there.pretty much in a make an offer style ? I can post pics if interested. Sorry for the delay on the pics ,I am guessing the black box is the radio? I have the plug for it,Pierce Arrow Philco Model MT 14 not sure if it works,distributor duel point,spot light missing the turn handle needs re-chrome and glass is cracked at the top,tie rod ends,not sure if it is even a pierce steering wheel also has the column pieces,hubcaps 5 with Pierce 8 inscription two have the tin edges missing separation the tin from the housing and one they drilled a hole to put a key lock in it. Tail light is in nice condition,glove box with clock ,the clock face is a 9 of 10 really nice and clear chrome ring needs cleaning,wiper motors trico not sure if they work,I do not know what the little grills are one has a clear lenses so I am assuming they are front mount ,the bracket with the bolts in it? not sure but looks like something for a convertible top frame? I am not liking these parts because now that I have come to know Pierce Arrow a little bit better I want one. A few years back i was restoring a XKE for a gentleman and he ran across a as he described a wood frame car that had an open chauffeur front and enclosed back the frame was rotted (termites) but had been sitting in an enclosed building for the last fifty years maybe I could hunt that one down.
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