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  1. nhmikel

    1936-38 chevrolet

    I may have one Pm me
  2. nhmikel

    1937 Dodge MC project finally done

    Great job Vic. Many thanks for helping me as well on my own project. Especially on some much needed parts.. Maybe just a few more ?? as they come up
  3. nhmikel

    1936 1937 1938 Dodge Truck Parts

    Sold pending funds Check back later for more parts
  4. nhmikel

    1936 1937 1938 Dodge Truck Parts

    Still have cab for sale,,,,who needs it?
  5. nhmikel

    1936 Dodge truck cab

    Cab for sale, doors are solid, needs rear of lower cab replaced, upper windshield needs rust repair due to last residents, have another panel and dash panel both need work, has ws frame, $1300 NH
  6. nhmikel

    1936 1937 1938 Dodge Truck Parts

    Any 36-37 parts out there? Trade? Sell?
  7. nhmikel

    1936 1937 Dodge Truck Parts

    bttt who has parts please?
  8. nhmikel

    1936 Dodge car-1936-37 Dodge truck grill parts

    Why don't you list, describe, show and price part like the rest of us?Seems to me would save a lot of time
  9. nhmikel

    1936 1937 1938 Dodge Truck Parts

    Jamie...did you get the pins out?
  10. nhmikel

    1936 1937 1938 Dodge Truck Parts

    I got doors at $600 ea plus shipping (bus)
  11. nhmikel

    Hershey Extra Parts

    got it thanks
  12. nhmikel

    Hershey Extra Parts

    how much for the 36 dodge grille surrond? pm me with pic thanks
  13. That's funny you should ask for these? I am in need of some more my projects and missing these on the grille shells.... been looking for awhile 1936 Chevy truck - Rad ornament 1936 Dodge truck - Rad ornament 1937 Dodge truck - Rad ornament
  14. how much u willing to pay?
  15. nhmikel

    1930-1935 Chevrolet Wire Wheels

    Pls send me some pics and describe cond to nhmikel@yahoo.com