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  1. Thanks for the link to the website about the movie cars , that is an awsome site . I could spend ALL DAY there . Dave
  2. Commodore , thanks for the address , I may need it before I get done . While trying to figure out how to hook this horn up to make it work like I think its supposed to , on my work bench , I thought of something else that has me confused also . My car , a 30 A , is Pos ground . If I mount the horn it is grounded , if I connect the Pos post of the horn , it will be grounded . ???? Please excuse me for being so "IGNORANT" on this .
  3. Thanks for the reply Ben . I have been doing a lot of searching for this but wont give up yet . Dave H , from a post above was a big help with some printed info . I'm still trying to figure out the right hook up order . I also cant find anything for a four bugle Sparton with only two posts . I did find a pic of one with three posts . I'll get it somehow/way . It does have a neat sound when it plays though , even when the dogs hear it in the house when I'm testing it in the shop and start going nuts . I"ll let you guys know if I figure out for sure , just in case anyome else has the same pro
  4. I have what I think is a Sparton four bugle horn . It is green ,[original color ] , & two post for connections . It is missing the tag , but the tag holes are 2 1/16" apart . The only number on it is cast in the body , B-4858 . And it says "Patented Notice Inside" . I would like to get the patent number to find out what it is , but it does work , so I didnt want to take it apart . It cycles on 12 volts by connecting to the left post , [ looking at the bugles ] , and grounding at the mount . If I connect to the other post it will only do a partial cycle . If I connect it to 6 volts , it onl
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